Shocking : “We Wanted to Kill At least Two Prominent BJP and RSS leaders”

We Wanted to Kill Atleast Two Prominent BJP and RSS leaders.…These are the words of six ISI agents . The National Investigation Agency which arrested six ISIS operatives working in Kerala recently have revealed explosive information during the interrogation.

Abu Bashir alias Rasheed (29) a mechanic by profession has revealed that he was instructed by ISIS leader who operates from Afghanistan and identifies himself as Abu Aayasha to collect as many weapons as possible and galvanize people for a possible attack on RSS and BJP leaders. In this process, Rasheed had met many of his ISIS operatives in Kannur forest areas to plan the strategy for attack.

Based on IB inputs, the NIA was vigilant on Rasheed activities and had noticed active movements in his teams since four months. Manseed Aliyas Omar Al Hind, a Kerala based ISIS agent working in Qatar had visited India several times during July-August and met Rasheed and other team mates in Kannur. The plan was to carry out blasts during RSS rally which is to be held in Tamil Nadu in November. According to reports they were instructed to kidnap 2 prominent BJP and one RSS leader during the attack and behead them. They were also told to capture the video of beheading and publish on YouTube as a gift to Modi government and warn him not to get involved in Kashmir issue.

Rasheed has also confessed that Abu Aayasha is an important leader who is controlling the ISIS activities from Afghanistan.  Abu Aayasha used to convey coded messages through TELEGRAM  app and has many groups in which Rasheed and Manseed are also part of.  He said since transporting guns and ammunition were difficult, they were involved in making small bombs and collecting hand weapons. The other people who were part of this operation were Swaleeh Mohammed who was employee in Club Mahindra, Chennai, Safhan , Member of Popular Front of India, Kerala, Jasim N K who is an engineer and Rehmad was an accountant in Kerala.

They had also planned to particularly attack Kodaikanal, a popular Tourists Spot in Tamil Nadu. The reason was because many Jew tourists visited the place every year and by attacking Jews they could attract international media coverage and could bring bad name to India.  

They said they were trained mentally to behead people without fear and were instructed to watch videos of ISIS operations in Syria to get inspired. Not long ago we had read about brutal killings of street dogs in Kerala, it is said the same gang was behind that inhumane scene. The reason was to train people and get rid of fear to kill people.

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Many political parties and activists were part of this operation. The gang had tied dead dogs to polls and taken processions on the streets of Kerala.  Left and Congress parties in kerala are either directly or indirectly supporting such activities to gain political mileage which is now posing severe threat to National security. It makes us wonder if they will turn Kerala  into Terror’s Own Country from God’s Own Country!


It’s hard to imagine that Indian political parties have gone to an extent of turning India into a terror hub for votes. No wonder these parties speak in the tone of Pakistan and question the integrity of our armed forces.

Source: HosaDigantha

Aishwarya S