Should we build a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?

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Jesus Christ, born on Dec 25, 4 BC, took birth in the historical city of Bethlehem. This great religious reformer and teacher has the highest number of followers on this planet. His life and teachings were celebrated across the globe, by building various monuments in his honour. The most notable one is this World Heritage Site, the Church of the Nativity, in his birthplace, Bethlehem, Palestine. Though the place is now a Muslim majority, the beautiful Church is there.

Muhammad, considered as the ultimate messenger of God by Muslims, was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, around 570 CE. The Grand Mosque of Mecca is the largest mosque in the world. The beauty of this structure cannot be described in words. And also, non-muslims are not allowed in this holy city.

Another religion having a vast number of followers in this world is Buddhism. Gautama Buddha, born around 560 BCE, is revered in his beautiful temples in Lumbini, Nepal and Gaya, India, the place he was born and where he was enlightened respectively.

And there existed a man almost around 5000 BCE (this is a minimum estimation), who electrified not only the whole Indian Subcontinent (known then as Bharatvarsha) but the whole South Asia, a person whose greatness surpasses all those mentioned above. And guess how we have shown him respect?

Sri Ramachandra shines as the greatest monarch in history of India and is regarded as the seventh avatar of Vishnu because he was not merely a preacher but a practitioner of his own words. Rama’s story and his philosophy are among the foundation stones of the Indian way of life.

This legendary king has grand temples dedicated to him in South India far away from his birthplace. The kings of Thailand are given the title Rama and they have named their capital Ayutthya after Ayodhya as they aspire to be like him. Indonesia and Malaysia give the title of Lakshamana to their admirals to honour his loyal brother. His own countrymen forgot to show him the respect he deserves.

The Babri Mosque was a structure built with a feeling of hatred, destined to be destroyed someday. Also there are provisions of relocation of mosques in Islam and no hindu will get hurt if a grand mosque is built at some other location. But there are intellectuals who oppose it, giving illogical arguments. Some even doubt the existence of Rama, ignoring all the archaelogical evidence we have, the latest one being a study of the Rama Setu (Adam’s bridge) by the American Science channel.


Sri Rama deserves to be respected in his own birthplace and by his own countrymen. He lived a life dedicated to Indians and, more importantly, to the eternal Dharma, we can atleast build a temple to honour that. Yes, we should build a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Jai Sri Rama.

Ankit Anand

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