Shouldn’t India feel ashamed for encouraging these goons who want STREET FIGHTS in the name of CASTE POLITICS!!

Not once, not twice, but India has witnessed numerous riots and violence in the name of religion and caste. People getting killed, public property destroyed, buses, vehicles being burnt and immediately you see political parties scoring brownie points…This is the standard operating procedure in every riot or violence!

Observes closely, and you will see these riots and violence happen only when politicians get involved. Apart from isolated incidents, no where do we see people randomly inciting violence or attacking each other in the name of caste or religion. The latest example is in Maharashtra violence. Now, the main reason for the violent clashes in Chembur was the celebrations of British win over the Maratha ruler Peshwa Baji Rao. But it is said that the British used dalits to fight their battle against Maratha empire and they were partly successful in sending back the troops of Peshwa Baji Rao.So, this event was depicted as Dalit victory over Peshwas by the British with a vested interest to divide the Hindu community.

But later, the event was being celebrated by some people and continued for many years. For 200 years, this tradition was followed, but not once was there any clash between the communities. But this time 2 special people were invited and immediately after their speech, violent protests erupted.. This time for the celebrations, the so called Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani and Anti India Azadi gang leader Umar Khalid were invited. Every year around 15,000 people gathered but this time Jignesh Mevani, Umar Khalid and few Congress leaders said they wanted to galvanize massive crowd of over 2 -3 Lakhs.


Interestingly the event was held for 2 days this time but it was completely dominated by politics. Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid who spoke at the event, made it a electoral speech and the main topic was not about dalit up-liftment but a plot to incite hatred against PM Modi, BJP and RSS. Mevani called the BJP RSS as the ‘New Peshwas’/ Manuwadi referring them as anti Dalits and anti poor and turned the event into political opportunity.

The big question is why was a man who supported terrorist Afzal Guru invited? Why was a Jignesh mevani, a naxal supporter who got funds from anti India gang invited? why Kabir Kala Manch  some of whom are alleged to have Maoist links were invited?

Why was Indian ARMY called, Anti Terrorists squad called anti Muslim and anti Dalit? Why was the most credible institute of the Indian Intelligence, the RAW agency called CASTEIST FORCES??



So, it is very apparent that Mevani and Khalid came to incite hatred against the BJP and RSS and not about dalit up-liftment. Just minutes after Mevani’s speech, violence erupted in places of Chembur and Koregaon. The initial reports suggested that many people were gathered in some places with stones and sticks to attack people.

It is very well known that the only way to malign BJP/RSS is to depict them as anti dalits and plan an orchestrated attack on dalits and then point finger at BJP! This was the same SOP which was followed in Una dalit attack in Gujarat. The investigation had revealed that the attackers were not from Gujarat and came all the way from Daman with an intention to create communal clash in Gujarat before elections. Now looks like the Maharashtra in under attack to malign Devendra Fadnavis who is gaining popularity.

According to locals, a week before  Bhima Koregaon celebrations started, posters against Hindus and BJP/RSS were put up in all areas, bus stands to spew venom against communities. It is said that many people were brought into the city days before the violence and were used to incite riots in many parts. This is exactly why the violence spread so quickly in many areas.Immediately after the violence broke, Congress headed by Rahul Gandhi directly blamed BJP/RSS for the violence and tried to score is usual brownie points. One should not be surprised if Rahul Gandhi visits the violence affected area and make the situation worse tomorrow.

This is a part of larger plan of the Congress which is hell bent to defeat PM Modi in upcoming 2019 elections. Their plan is to divide Hindus which is supporting PM Modi in large numbers. The dalit community is now leaning towards the BJP which has turned out to be a headache for the Congress. This was very much visible in 2014 general elections followed by UP and Gujarat elections. So, the Congress is using people like Jignesh Mevani and Hardhik Patel to divide Hindus. In Karnataka, the Congress has targeted the Lingayat community and trying to divide Lingyats into two fractions.

It is well known that Congress is a master in divisive politics. Since independence they have used Muslims, Christians, dalits, OBCs and every other caste and religion for their political benefits and do not mind reaking the country into bits and pieces. It is ultimately common people who will suffer in the hands of politicians. If we do not want to see Indians fighting among each other, killing each other, then the onus is upon us to discourage Congress pawns like Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid before they tear India apart in the name of caste and religion!

Aishwarya S