Sikh girl stabbed for refusing to convert to Islam in JK….face of Kashmiriyat??

Often we see seculars and liberals defending stone pelters saying they are innocent, misguided youths. They bring in the concept of Kashmiriyat  to protect these youths. But these youths are neither misguided or forced into stone pelting, but opt to go against India as they are brain washed to believe religion is above country.

Now, students of Islamic University of Science and Technology in Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir are caught in a controversy for stabbing a Sikh student for refusing to convert to Islam.

According to the girls father, Amarjeet Singh, the girl was harassed and stabbed in July 2 after which she faced extreme mental pressure and even tried to commit suicide.
The father said “She was being so badly tortured by three boys and one girl — all her friends — to convert that she even tried to commit suicide thrice without telling anyone,” Singh informed one of the media. https://theprint.in/governance/sikh-girl-in-kashmir-stabbed-for-refusal-to-convert-to-islam-alleges-father/82394/#click=https://t.co/ww1aULDJGG

It is said that on July 2 while the girl was waiting for a bus near the university, she was attacked by two unidentified assailants for having refused to convert to Islam.
Her father said his daughter, is not in a state to talk to anyone and had told him that the torture intensified during the month of Ramzan. “They started threatening her to keep roza, read the namaz….When she refused saying her religion doesn’t permit her to do so, they would taunt her and call her names,” he said.

He also said, one boy had caught her neck and threatened of killing her if she doesn’t follow Islam.
After the torture started to intensify, the girl stopped going to college and she looked very stressed, the father said.
That was the time the father came to know about the incident.

The father immediately approached the VC of the university Mushtaq A. Siddiqui, who said to have assured support to his daughter. The police have filed FIR against three students accused of harassing the girl.

But the registrar of the university said the issue was a foul play to malign the institution and blamed the father of the girl.

Presently, the police are investigating the case the case and soon the report willbe submitted.

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