Sikh youths being trained in ISI military camps for terror attacks in India: Home Ministry submits proof

In a scary development, the home ministry has submitted a report to the parliamentary panel in which it has gathered proof of Sikh youths being brainwashed and trained in ISI military camps of Pakistan for terror attacks in India.

These Sikh youths are mostly who are Khalistan sympathizers residing in Canada, US and Europe are being used by the Pakistan ISI for terror attacks in India. The reports said that malicious campaign was being spread against India provoking the Sikh community people to rage war against our country. For a while now, the Central armed police forces and internal security agencies were conducting secret operations collecting data and evaluating the proof and response mechanism which showed that large number of youths are being attracted to ISI military camps.

“Sikh youth are being trained at ISI facilities in Pakistan. Interdictions and interrogations have revealed use of jailed cadres, unemployed youth, criminals and smugglers by Pakistan-based Sikh terror groups for facilitating terror attacks,” the report said.

It is said that the commanders of the terror group are forcing the Pakistan military groups to train the Sikh youths for specific attacks in not just Punjab but also in major metro cities of India. The investigations revealed that the terror groups were using proxy servers and fake accounts on social media in order to screen youths and attract them towards ISI.

“The problem is further accentuated by the fact that the terror groups have started using secure social media platforms and proxy servers etc. to avoid detection by intelligence and law enforcement agencies… Activities of radicalised people returning from conflict areas and threat of lone wolf attack are also a challenge, the report added.

The main groups which are funding to launch terror strikes in India are Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and a faction of Indian Mujahideen besides groups like Students’ Islamic Movement of India and Al-Ummah said the ministry. These people are also getting inside support from within India which had raised concerns for the security agencies. However, the Ministry said that they are closely watching each movements of these terror outfits and are vigilant in every front.

Apart from the ISI terror threat, the ministry also said that violence by Left Wing Extremism (LWE) outfits continues to pose a threat to the internal security scenario in the country. “Since its formation in September 2004, CPI(Maoist) has emerged as the most potent among the LWE outfits active in the country,” the report said.

The threat for India doesn’t just come from Pakistan but also from the left supported Maoists and Naxals who are killing security forces on a daily basis. Huge amount of money is being poured into these organisation to destabilize the North Eastern parts of India by allowing the Rohingyas refugees into the country and indirectly supporting the Chinese military (PLA). The worst part is these Rohingyas are now being inducted into terror groups and are being positioned in strategic locations of Jammu, Bengal and Bihar who are providing security cover to terrorists. These people are hiding behind the human rights shield and are getting support from pseudo secular parties of India with an intention to use them as vote banks. It is the same case with Khalistan terrorists, more than outside support, they are receiving support from parties like AAP and Congress. It was well known that during the Punjab elections, Kejriwal had openly declared support to these Khalistan terrorists and massive amount of money was spent to promote their supporters during elections.

It is only time that a mass action is taken against these Rohingyas and all those who supports them. The Khalistan terrorists who are also getting financial and moral support from political parties should get a strong message from the security forces. If not the situation will only worsen to an extent where the country will lose the ability to control these wide spreading terror network.

Aishwarya S