Sikkim got its first ever passenger plane!!! PM Modi accomplished the task that could not be done in the past 60 years of Congress rule

It is quite shocking to know that even after 70 years of Independence and 60 years of Congress rule in India, some of the states in India remain to be backward and underprivileged. They have been cheated from basic facilities and privileges- which they have a right on are snatched from them. Congress lady Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul Gandhi claim that, it’s the Gandhi dynasty that has developed India. But the truth is in front of us. Here’s one more proof to witness.

Air connectivity with rest of India was opened for landlocked Himalayan state Sikkim when a SpiceJet plane from Kolkata became the first flight to land on its soil on 10th of March 2018.

Spice Jet flight from Kolkata becomes the first passenger plane to land in Sikkim

History was created when a SpiceJet Q400 70-seater Bombardier plane took off from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport at Kolkata 10.30 am on Wednesday and landed at Pakyong Airport, 32 km from Gangtok, at 11.45 am. The plane took off from the airport for its return journey to Kolkata at around 1.30 pm.
Built at a cost of Rs 650 crores, it took nearly nine years to start operations at the airport. Regular flights to Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati are likely to commence soon.

CONGRATS SIKKIM: flyspicejet landed at green field airport, Pakyong Marking a historic first, Spice became the first airline to land a commercial plane at Pakyong’s Greenfield airport. With this landing, Sikkim will now be connected by air with the rest of the country.

Majority of the Sikkimese were till now dependent on Bagdogra airport at Siliguri, some four hours drive from Gangtok, for commuting to and from major cities of the country. Incidents of flight misses were common due to frequent landslides on National Highway 10 connecting Siliguri with Gangtok. Added to that, several Sikkim residents coming down to Siliguri to catch flights were beaten up by Bengali organisations during the height of 104-day Gorkhaland agitation last year after Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling shot off a letter to home minister Rajnath Singh supporting Gorkhaland statehood.

The civilian flight comes just five days after an Indian Air Force (IAF) Dornier 228 transport aircraft landed at Pakyong on March 5. Sources revealed that the necessity to kickstart operations at the airport became a top priority after the tense stand-off between India and China at the Doklam tri-junction of Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim last year.

Lauding the first commercial landing and takeoff, Sikkim’s lone MP Prem Das Rai credited his Sikkim Democratic Front government and Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling for the achievement. “Sikkim’s first commercial flight landed safely today. Spicejet. Great achievement SDF government. Congratulation to Airport authority, State Government, State Tourism & Civil Aviation, builders, and land-donors. Well done,” he tweeted.

Bagdogra airport director Rakesh Sahay issued a release when the flight crossed the airport at over 21,000 feet above the sea level and hoped that increased civilian flights would boost the tourism sector of the economy.

What Congress has failed to achieve in the past 60 years, PM Modi has successfully achieved it in just 4 years of his rule in India. Still, some of the secularists and intellectuals in India blame him for his decisions. Either they are blind or pretending to be blind.

Source: Times of India

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