What is SIMI, Why did Supreme Court Ban SIMI Organization???

“Allah is our Lord, the Qur’an is our constitution, Muhammad is our leader, Jihad is our way and Shahada is our desire” – This is the slogan of SIMI – Students Islamic Movement of India. SIMI maintains that concepts of secularism, democracy and nationalism, keystones of Indian Constitution, are antithetical to Islam. They aim to restore the supremacy of Islam through the resurrection of the Khilafat, emphasis on the Muslim Ummah and the waging of Jihad. (Wikipedia)

SIMI was founded in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, on 25 April 1977. SIMI has an age limit of 30 years for membership. SIMI which was already a radical student body was transformed into the deadly Indian Mujahideen (IM), though some analysts believe that the two groups are distinct although linked. Under the scanner for its role in the Mumbai blasts, the Students’ Islamic Movement of India has tried to ward off proscription by changing identities. HUJI, ARCA, Jamaat-e-Hind, , Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), Lashkar-e-Taiba, all have links with Indian Mujahideen. Also, there is strong evidence linking IM and Pakistan’s ISI. SIMI has been banned 3 times in the past and when the ban was lifted in 2008, a special tribunal upheld the ban imposed on SIMI by the Home Ministry under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. The Tribunal’s head confirming the ban held that SIMI has links with Pakistan-based terror outfits and its front, the Indian Mujahideen. Presently the ban is extended till 2019.

The terrorists who were killed on 31st October, 2016, faced the following charges:

  • One of the accused was held responsible for plotting a bomb blast in Ahmedabad in 2008.
  • Four among them were notorious criminals involved in dacoity, loot and treason. They had earlier escaped from Khandwa Jail and were later arrested from Odisha, police said.
  • Various terror related crimes including the murder of ATS constable Sitaram Yadav in Khandwa on November 29, 2009.
  • Slitting the throat of the head constable before escaping from jail.
  • NIA has confirmed that 31st accused in the Wagamon SIMI camp case Mehboob Sheikh alias Guddu is among the SIMI activists killed in the encounter.

Some of the militant activities of SIMI in the past :

  • In April 2015, there was another incident in which two alleged SIMI members, Mohammed Eijazuddin and Mohammed Aslam, who had escaped from Khandwa Jail in Madhya Pradesh in October 2013, shot dead Telangana policemen.
  • SIMI and IM militants are also believed to have been involved in the Mumbai blasts in 2006 in which at least 187 people were killed.
  • One bombing incident in Gujarat understood to be conducted by SIMI claimed 45 lives in 2008.
  • Abdul Sattar, a SIMI operative, was arrested in the case relating to a 2007 terror training camp held at Wagamon in Kerala, after he was deported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). NIA also suspected Sattar’s involvement in other cases, including the 2008 Bangalore blasts.

These are the very ‘innocent’ people that the opposition or some media persons are protesting for. An old ruling by a Court in the case of Om Prakash and Ors. v. State of Jharkhand through the Secretary, Department of Home, Ranchi-1 and Anr.; [(2012) 12 SCC 72] 8 says:

The observations made by this Court in Om Prakash2 (para 42, page 95 of the Report) are worth noticing: 42. It is not the duty of the police officers to kill the accused merely because he is a dreaded criminal. Undoubtedly, the police have to arrest the accused and put them up for trial. This Court has repeatedly admonished trigger-happy police personnel, who liquidate criminals and project the incident as an encounter. Such killings must be deprecated. They are not recognised as legal by our criminal justice administration system. They amount to State-sponsored terrorism. But, one cannot be oblivious of the fact that there are cases where the police, who are performing their duty, are attacked and killed. There is a rise in such incidents and judicial notice must be taken of this fact. In such circumstances, while the police have to do their legal duty of arresting the criminals, they have also to protect themselves. The requirement of sanction to prosecute affords protection to the policemen, who are sometimes required to take drastic action against criminals to protect life and property of the people and to protect themselves against attack. Unless unimpeachable evidence is on record to establish that their action is indefensible, mala fide and vindictive, they cannot be subjected to prosecution. Sanction must be a precondition to their prosecution. It affords necessary protection to such police personnel. The plea regarding sanction can be raised at the inception.

When the Courts can recognize that police too have a right to safety, why are these media people and politicians denying the police their basic human rights? Do they want that the law and justice should only listen to what they say instead of doing their duty? Please take a look at this video before making any judgments that it was a fake encounter. It is very clear in this video that the terrorists (who have tried to escape before too) were firing at the policemen. Also note that the policemen have no bullet-proof vests and there are civilians around.

Imagine a scenario where these terrorists were allowed to escape. Where would they go?

  • U P – which is their home ground and where the law and order situation has deteriorated beyond measure and the present government is more concerned about their family and party affairs.
  • Maharashtra – where they would find enough support from the D-gang, the Chotta Shakeel gang and the people who turned up at Yakub Memon’s funeral.
  • Bihar – again a state where security has been made into a joke.
  • Kashmir – where the Armed Forces and police are already under fire from these pseudo-secularists.
  • West Bengal – where fanatical Islamic bodies are receiving covert and also open support from the present Government even to the extent that performing Puja during Navratri & Dussera festivities are restricted.
  • Kerala – where more and more youngsters are being radicalized by this very SIMI and IM.
  • Karnataka – where RSS members are being killed in broad daylight and the Government is only interested in building steel flyovers.

Killing Terrorists is no Wrong, do the Pseudo liberals & Human Rights activists have the SPINE to question why US killed Osama Bin Laden?!

These people did not speak a word for the Slain Police officer who died when these terrorists attacked, they did not speak for one JAWAN who are being killed on daily basis at LoC, when some terrorists are shot to protect Nation these shameless people get into active mode. Do they want to turn India into another Pakistan?? Politics should be played…But not to an extent that will destroy the Country!!!

Rati Hegde