SIMI terrorist revealed Pakistan’s involvement in “Samjhauta blast”; But Congress cheated Indians by saying, it was a work of “Saffron terrorists”

The hatred of Congress towards Hinduism is not new. Since decades it has cut short the benefits and importance given to Hinduism and has diverted it to something else. But it has failed miserably to link terrorism with Hindu organisations. Recently Congress was completely exposed on how it had planned to arrest RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

Who can forget the Samjhauta express blast after which Hindu organisations were haunted day and night by the Congress government? But now it is revealed that the then Congress government tried to save its friend Pakistan, who got separated in 1947; so it invented the term “Hindu Terrorism” and shifted the blame on Hindus. The blast took place on 18th February that ended up killing 68 people and 50 had non-fatal injuries.

The truth which was tried to suppress has now emerged out. Yes, “Times Now” has accessed to a video of the narco-analysis interrogation of Safdar Nagori. He revealed that the Samjhauta Express blasts were carried out by those trained in Pakistan. He names Simi operative Adbul Razzak as the person responsible for the explosions.

Safdar Nagori, the general secretary of SIMI was sentenced to life imprisonment for possession of illegal arms, ammunition and explosives, and plotting terrorist activities along with other militants.

When questioned “Who ordered the Samjhauta blasts?” by the interrogator, Nagori answers that it was carried on by Abdul Razzak. Nagori further replies that Razzak requested him not to do anything as he is a politician.

Nagori later says that “Razzak used to say that he could carry on the blast on his own as he had contacts in Pakistan”. Razzak was also a SIMI incharge of Indore and he was with Misbah ul Islam Calcuttawala.

In the video, Nagori also reveals that he requested Razzak to target individuals who demolished Babri Masjid and those involved in Gujarat, Meerut Hashimpora and Mumbai riots.

Now the question is, when Nagori had revealed in the Narco-analysis that he and his men who had links with Pakistan carried on the blasts, how could Congress tag Hindu outfits as terrorist organisations?

Read the below mentioned statements given by the Congress rulers several years ago in the view to target Hindus.

  • “Phenomenon of Saffron Terror implicated in many bomb blasts” said by P Chidambaram
  • “BJP-RSS training camps promoting Hindu Terror. We’re probing it” said by the then Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde
  • Not every Hindu is a terrorist, but why is every Hindu terrorist caught is a Sanghi? Digvijay Singh

“Terrorism doesn’t have religion”, this is a statement invented by Congress to appease the secular brigade. But Congress tagged RSS workers and Hindu outfits as terrorists. Now will the Congress apologise to the Hindus? Isn’t it a crime, if we vote for Congress even after knowing that they tried to tag our own citizens as terrorists?

Now, will the Congress party name the individuals who were involved in tagging Hindu outfits as terrorists?

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/samjhauta-blast-simi-mans-narco-test-nails-pak-angle/articleshow/59747809.cms

Hansika Raj