Why Ram Mandir is Not Mere a Political Tool?!

For a long time now the Ayodhya issue has been simmering with no solution in sight. Over the years the issues has been discussed and debated thoroughly without much headway being made. The matter is now in the courts and it is quite difficult to put a time frame for finding a solution. However, the most important question we should be asking is ‘Is it so difficult to sort this issue out? Has there been some precedence and can we apply the same to this issue?’

The dispute

It is all too well known that Babri Masjid was demolished in 1990. The long standing dispute has been about Babri being built over a Ram Mandir that stood here before the mosque was commissioned by Babur. History is witness to the fact that most of the mosques constructed by Mughals and other Muslim rulers have always been either after demolishing Hindu temples or constructing them right over them. Archaeological findings have also confirmed the existence of a temple at the place where Babri Masjid stood till 1990.

One of the reasons why a solution hasn’t been worked out until today is politicization of the issue. The environment created by Congress and leftists in the country can be termed as ‘Hinduphobia’. In the name of secularism they have been drumming up anti-Hindu sentiment. Following the Babri demolition the chorus for ‘secularism’ was raised by these people. At present the environment is so volatile that anything pro-Hindu is seen as a threat to national integration and ‘secular fabric’ of the country.

Sorting out the issue

A perfect example of how to sort out the issue can be learnt from how Sardar Patel dealt with the Somnath Temple. Somnath had been destroyed several times by Muslim invaders and a mosque was built over it as is the wont with Muslims. One of the important things that Sardar Patel did as the Home Minister was getting the Somnath Temple reconstructed. He also had the mosque shifted to another location. What’s more? All this was done amicably without any hullaballoo or ‘secularism’ bogey.

The million dollar question is ‘Can it be repeated today with Ayodhya Ram Mandir?’ Sadly a lot of water has flown under the bridge and the environment today may not be conducive for such an act. The biggest issue is we do not have a SARDAR PATEL. It was not for nothing that he was called the iron man. A strong willed leader can sort out any issue. It is also worth noting that now ‘secularism’ has taken such deep roots in the psyche that a slight stir can lead to epic troubles.

In my opinion we need to walk down the path that Sardar Patel did and sort out the Ayodhya issue. It is not difficult; all it needs is an iron will.

Latha Iyer