Watch! Singer Abhijeet slams Maulvi on Live Debate

Singer Abhijeet who has always been vocal about his nationalist sentiments slammed a Maulvi on Times Now yesterday. The Maulvi who had issued a fatwa against Sonu Nigam, backed down from his offer of giving 10 lakhs to the singer on shaving his head. The Maulvi said that he would pay the amount to the singer only if he wore a garland of shoes and was ready to travel to every nook & corner of the country seeking an apology.

Sonu Nigam had given a fitting reply to the Maulvi & exposed him totally. Abhijit, who had been invited as a panellist on Times Now slammed the Maulvi for only making offensive statements. The singer further asked the Maulvi to listen & raised his voice as the Maulvi was not willing to listen to anyone.


Alok Shetty


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