Singham Sub-Inspector gifted with “suspension orders” by the Kumaraswamy govt in Karnataka! Do you know why?

We the common citizens point out at Police officers blaming them for being corrupt and non-active. The actual reason for this are the politicians who stoop to lower extent and force them to do so. The Police department must be given free hand to administrate and not run under any politician (especially the corrupt ones), then the real power of our Police Department will open up for better nation!

Great Rahul Gandhi and INC India your party along with JDS are busy collecting money for 2019 elections with illegal activities and an honest officer pays the price for it?? SI Srinivas was forced to release seized vehicles which were caught in Illegal sand mining by the Government of Karnataka!! And when he refused he was literally suspended.

The legacy of suppressing honest officers in the state continues under HD Kumaraswamy’s Government. SI Srinivas was forced to release seized vehicles involving in illegal sand mining, when he denied to release he was suspended, clearly showing honesty doesn’t have a place in this government.

Politicians under the Karnataka Government are into an attempt to use every Government officer according to their personal benefit. Each one of them wants everyone to stoop low same as them. Honest officers are rare to be found as they are like Diamonds hidden in a heap of coal.

The Government in Karnataka under HD Kumaraswamy is doing it when it suits them. After all, government employees feel proud to be called as government servants but are ashamed to be called as people’s employees.
People deserve this for voting for Congress. Anyway, one good act expected from this is people will realize and give a clear mandate to BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections considering these atrocities by Congress. The alliance by the two parties has resulted to be disastrous in the state. And the situation is clear to be witnessed.

“Honesty is not the best policy.” Kumaraswamy’s govt has proved it by following a suspension of SI Srinivas, who allegedly denied to release seized vehicles involved in sand mining. Sadly he was suspended for delivering his duty honestly.

Right now the people of state are questioning the CM of Karnataka when will the development work start? It’s been one month after election results have been announced and still no performance from the Alliance party MLA’s or the ministers!! Can we expect something good work? Or should we just give up the hope of performance from you people??