Slap in the face of Economic Times as PM Modi snubs Economic Times Global Business Summit!

A high profile international business summit was held by The Economic Times on Monday which had an array of renowned speakers such as former US Vice President Dick Cheney,& other businessmen, ministers & academics from a variety of countries lined up.

The organisers claimed that 60 ministers would be joining the summit along with 2,000-plus delegates from more than 20 countries.The highlight of the show was to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address. But, he decided to skip the event after conforming earlier that he would be present.

Prime Minister Modi was to inaugurate the two-day conference. It is obvious that with him not doing so the summit lost its sheen & it was a huge blow to the Times Group. It is also likely that senior ministers in the government such as Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, & Piyush Goyal may not attend the summit.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu (an ally with the BJP) also steered clear of the event, which was very odd as his state is the official partner of the summit. It is also very unusual for Prime Minister Modi to skip an event that he earlier confirmed to be a part of.

Last week, he was to attend the India Today Conclave, but he skipped it because of other pressing matters. He did make up for it by addressing the conclave live, via satellite, from New Delhi. Through his address, he detailed his achievements & laid a road map for ‘New India’, but the highlight of the address was how he ripped into Aroon Purie for calling him the ‘disruptor-in-chief’.

Although, this time around, him addressing the conclave via satellite also seems highly improbable.

Why PM Modi Snubbed ET?

This move by PM Modi is an explicit disapproval of the sort of journalism The Economic Times pursued in the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh elections.

ET journalists acted as if they were the official spokespersons of the Samajwadi Party. They did everything in their power to create a false sentiment in favour of the SP.

Meeting with Mulayam Singh Yadav, exaggerating the work done by Akhilesh Yadav to a ridiculous extent, going on to spread rumours about how the BJP had rifts amongst its own ranks or how support for it was seemingly insignificant when compared to the SP-Cong alliance.

Even through their own editorials, they presented a glossy picture of the situation in Uttar Pradesh. Nowhere did these journalists (if one can even call them that!) highlight the farmer suicides in Purvanchal, the terrible law & order situation or, the communal violence that the state has suffered from in the last five years because of the minority appeasement politics of the SP.

They worked relentlessly to portray a rosy picture between the father & son. Glorifying one’s work through your journalism is one thing, but the despicable part was how these people spread rumours & lies about the BJP. Even during PM Modi’s visit to Varanasi, these people presented a very grim picture of the party in Varanasi. They said that the PM was ‘afraid’ of losing in his constituency & that his intensive campaigning were signs that the party was losing in the state.

It is a matter of utmost satisfaction that PM Modi decided to snub these proponents of paid & biased journalism at the very last moment. They deserve this!

Vinayak Jain