Smriti Irani gets I&B Ministry; Ab tera kya hoga NDTV?

Union Minister Venkaiyya Naidu has been the NDA’s Vice-presidential candidate and it is certain that he will be elected. So Rahul Gandhi may go on a foreign trip to cope up from another defeat.

PM Modi was in search of another deserving candidate to fill the post of “Information and Broadcast” ministry. So Modi found Smriti Irani as the deserving candidate for this. Initially she was heading Ministry of Human Resource Development. But later government shuffled few portfolios and she was allotted with “Ministry of Textiles”.

So Smriti Irani had always countered the NDTV’s biased journalism. Smriti Irani on several instances showed the public that NDTV is peddling lies.

Now it is interesting to see how Smriti will deal with NDTV because, it on several instances tried to twist the news so that it will create damage to India’s image. Recent one was when Rahul Gandhi’s gang slaughtered a calf in Kerala but NDTV had tried to change the identity to an Ox.

Even the founder of NDTV, Prannoy Roy is under IT radar. Previously, NDTV was banned for a day but it was cancelled by the government. But Smriti Irani will not spare NDTV. There are high chances that she will act tough against NDTV.

So the public should be ready to hear the word “Vendetta politics” from Prannoy Roy once again.

Nishika Ram