Smriti Irani does what Karnataka government failed to do! This lovely gesture of the textiles minister will surprise you.

Textiles Minister Smriti Irani has sent Mahadevi , wife of Siachen brave heart Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, an offer letter for a job through the Central Silk Board, according to Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha Rajeev Chandrashekhar.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad , whose miraculous survival days after an avalanche hit an Army camp on the Siachen glacier stunned the nation. He sacrificed his life last year while guarding the nation at 18000 feet. The soldier of Madras 19 regiment is survived by his wife & daughter.

In February last year, Hanumanthappa was miraculously found alive after having remained buried under 35 feet of snow for several days after an avalanche had struck his post at Siachen glacier. He was admitted to the hospital after rescue, but died one day later.

Dubbed the ‘Miracle Man’ for having survived under heavy snow for over six days, Lance Naik Hanumnathappa was posthumously awarded the ‘Sena Medal’. The medal is awarded for Individual acts of devotion to duty or courage that have special significance in the Army. His wife had received the medal at the Army Day Parade from General Bipin Rawat.

Hanumanthappa’s story was a rare occasion when the whole nation came together & prayed for its soldier. India has lost over 900 brave soldiers at the Siachen Glacier, the highest and toughest battlefield on earth. Hanumanthappa & nine of his colleagues were resting in a prefab shelter at the Sonam Post, when a huge Ice wall crashed upon their post. They were buried alive, under 25 feet of tightly compacted snow.

One man had just redefined determination & love for his motherland.  He was just not ready to give up & like any true soldier he fought and just refused to give up. His wife Mahadevi has plans for their only daughter, Netra. She wants Netra to be an Army officer and serve the country in the Armed Forces, where her brave heart father laid down his life.

Alok Shetty