Smriti Irani royally slammed Rahul Gandhi for insulting India on his United States visit

This is what happens if you invite a failed dynast on an esteemed platform. Today, Rahul Gandhi has insulted “India and Indians” during his visionless visit to United States of America. But Union Minister Smriti Irani has slammed this “Failed Dynast” for speaking ill of the nation.

Smriti Irani ripped apart this failed dynast Rahul Gandhi by saying that “He is talking at an international platform because no one is listening to him in India”. Yes, this sentence is percent true. Rahul Gandhi had claimed that India is developed just because of the contribution of the Congress party; Mrs Irani called this as an arrogant statement.

Rahul Gandhi is taking out his frustration just because his party was dumped by the Indian voters. Youth Icon said that India is ruled by dynasty but he forgot that a tea seller is the Prime Minister, a Dalit is the President and a farmer’s son is a vice-president. She further added that these three legends reached the top position because of their hard work and not because of dynasty politics.

In India, nobody agrees to what Rahul Gandhi says. He is a failed dynast and his party is filled with a bunch of failures who couldn’t implement GST. These were the words of I&B Minister Smriti Irani.

She further attacked Rahul Gandhi for insulting India by saying that “his comments on PM Narendra Modi as a communicator who reaches the masses, talks volumes about the declaration that Congress has failed and had become arrogant”.

Rahul Gandhi wants to be the next Prime Minister!!!

Not just Mr Gandhi insulted India but also expressed his greed to rule India. This failed Dynast went on to say that BJP is spreading “hatred, anger, violence and politics of polarisation”. But the nation knows that it is Congress which is playing communal politics.

He also said that around 1000 guys from BJP spread abuse against him. He further claimed that these guys are working on the instruction of PM. Does he think that PM Modi is so jobless to attack a failed leader like Rahul Gandhi?

Nishika Ram