Smriti Irani royally trolls Rahul Gandhi for his foolish comments!

Union Minister for Textiles has taken a dig at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi questioning the competence of UPA government that ruled the country for a decade. It is a known fact that Union Textile Minister and Congress Vice President don’t share a good relationship and Mrs. Irani has been at the forefront in exposing hypocrisy of the congress party and especially that of Mr. Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi in his address to congress workers at Jan Vedna Conclave had tried his best to ridicule the Prime Minister of the country by making scathing attacks on PM. He went on to say that our PM is ridiculed all over the world and Narendra Modi is the first PM of India who is being made fun of at international level. Mrs. Irani rightly asked whether Rahul Gandhi was referring to Former PM Manmohan Singh when he said, “for the first time in our history a Prime Minister of India is being ridiculed the world over.” Rahul Gandhi probably has forgotten how India as a nation was ridiculed for electing leaders like we did who ruled us under UPA Government.

Mrs. Irani also questioned whether 2G, Coal Scam, Common Wealth Game Scam, Augusta Westland Scam and innumerable scam that took place under UPA regime is the definition of competence according to Rahul. She also took a jibe at Rahul who in his speech had said that Acchhe Din will come only after congress comes to power in 2019. Irani asked whether this statement of Rahul was an admission that country has till now not experienced acchhe din under congress government for the country was ruled by the party for more than 6 decades.

This rebuttal from Irani has attracted attention of the twitteratis making the tweet go viral by liking and retweeting the tweet which was a slap on the face of Rahul Gandhi for more than few thousand times. We should also remember that Mrs. Irani has been giving Rahul Gandhi sleepless nights since she was given the green signal by the party to challenge the Gandhi scion in 2014 election.

Mrs. Irani has went after Mr. Gandhi like no one has and is becoming a figure who can truly challenge the supremacy enjoyed by Rahul Gandhi in his backyard in Amethi. Rahul Gandhi definitely had not expected this kind of a rebuttal from BJP and not surely from Mrs. Smriti Irani at least. With these tweets we might witness some interesting war of words in the coming days as crucial states are going for polls in the next month. One thing is sure though just like before Smriti Irani will have an upper hand over Rahul Gandhi who is world famous for his intelligence.

Ramchandra Bhat K



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