So much tolerance in Mamata’s Bengal…son thrashed, mother made to drink urine for praising Narendra Modi!

If anyone speaks against PM Modi, the media hails them and calls it Freedom of speech and gives them 24 hours publicity, but the same people cannot tolerate someone praising PM Modi and react in the most brutal way possible. Those people who call themselves champions of secularism, liberalism  are today unable to tolerate when they are questioned or criticized.

This is exactly what has happened in Mamata’s Bengal, where a mother and son have been beaten, harassed and made to drink urine for expressing their support to PM Modi. The incident occurred in Bosa Rameshwarbati area of Dhanekhali, Hooghly in Bengal, where a group of Trinamool Congress supporters barged into the house of Haribhakta Mondal and thrashed him and his mother for writing a post praising PM Modi on Facebook.

According to Haribhakta Mondal, who is a teacher by profession said that 6 people supposedly TMC workers entered his house without permission while he was teaching his students and demanded him to come out of the house for some discussion. But only when he came out of the house did he realise that there were another 20 people waiting outside his house who immediately pounded on him and thrashed him to ground.

When his parents heard him shouting, they ran to his rescue, but they too were attacked by the mob who showed no respect or restraint to the old people and thrashed them badly. Ranjit Mondal and mother Sabita Mondal, the parents of Haribhakta Mondal, suffered major injuries and fell on the ground. When Sabita Mondal requested them for water, the shameless cowards urinated on her face and asked her to drink the same.

Following the incident, the local BJP leader was informed who took them to Dhanekhali Hospital and later shifted to Imambara Sardar Hospital in Chinsura. People in the area have condemned the incident and demanded action against those criminals who thrashed the innocent family just over a face book post.

This is what is called tolerance of secular brigade in India. We do not see any placards, protests and award wapsi gang speak a word on such gruesome incident. But they call themselves guardians of FoS. It is the media which has given them cover and protection by not highlighting such incidents. If the politicians have developed a fearless habit, it is definitely because of the lethargic judiciary which never takes action and the media which never highlights the real truth.

Credit: https://www.sangbadpratidin.in/bengal/hoogly-man-and-his-mother-attacked-for-posting-modis-photo-in-fb/

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