So that the biased media won’t call it a “Fake Encounter”, Yogi Govt called the media to Live Telecast the encounter, then encountered 2 murderers who killed Hindu priests

Uttar Pradesh is now no more the same place where “Gundaraaj” will continue, where cops and people will always live in the fear, where there is no law and order because it’s Yogi Raj where now the crackdown on criminals is continually on and on.

CM Yogi has made absolutely clear no element disturbing the law will be spared. He is direct in his approach of handling the gangsters; they will be completely naked in front of all for their heinous act.

The recent incident in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh demonstrates something same. At around 6.45 am, few local journalists in UP Aligarh district got a call from police. The local journalists were shocked after attending the call. What UP police said to these journalists that had shaken them? You would too be shaken by knowing this that the cop asked the journalist to reach Machua village under Harduaganj police station if they were interested in “watching and filming a real encounter”

Yes, you read it right!!! Not only cops of Yogi gunned down the gangsters but it was screened live even. It’s the fearless attitude of CM Yogi that demonstrates “Na sirf Encounter krvaunga blki unki live reporting bhi kvaunga”.

The news of screening live encounter spread like fire among the local as well as national journalists and within no time they were at the site (nearly 25 kilometers from the district headquarters) for covering their first ever Bollywood experience

The scene at the site was not less than any movie scene being shot. Cops dressed in their uniforms wearing bullet proofs jackets, some of them in T-Shirts were all ready with the guns in their hand to shoot down two criminals named Mustakim and Naushad who were hiding in the irrigation department building. Reporters and camera crew persons were asked to maintain distance and stay 100 metres away from the encounter site.

According to Times of India report, the criminals were passing through a police checkpoint on a bike and when they were asked to stop. The criminals however fired gunshots and tried to escape. Policemen chased them for about five kilometers but they managed to hide in an abandoned building, which was later surrounded by the cops

The police along with reporters also called additional police force from nearby areas to deal with the situation. It is said that the criminals Mustakim and Naushad were armed with .32 and .325 bore country made pistols. They are also accused of murdering six persons including two Hindu priests, in Aligarh district

When asked from the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Aligarh, Ajay Sahni why the reporters were called for live filming of the encounters, SSP replied “There is nothing wrong in it, we wanted to provide firsthand information to media, He also emphasized that they have orders from the top to share details of each and every encounter with the media. We were just adopting a transparent approach. Nothing was hidden. If anyone wanted to click pictures or  record a video, they were free to do that,” he said. The senior cop rubbished the charge that the entire exercise was stage-managed

After CM Yogi Adityanath has assumed the charge of office, around 1,000 encounters have taken place in the state. Sixty-six criminals and four policemen have been killed in these gun battles so far. Haters have to hate, Lovers have to love, but one thing is sure this is not earlier “Islamic State of Yadav Pradesh” now this is Yogi’s “Uttam Pradesh”

Source : TimesOf India



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