Social media rages war against Arundhati Roy for tarnishing India’s image by false allegations!

“India from the moment it became a sovereign nation has raged war in Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Telangana, Punjab, Goa and Hyderabad. It is a State perpetually at war. A military war by deploying military power. The state of Pakistan has not used its army against its own people like the democratic Indian State”. These are the statements made by Arundhati Roy.

She also states that India tries to have war only when their opponent is poor tribal people, Muslims, Catholics. In simple, she meant in India the minorities are not safe. Let us remind her that in India one can do anything under the name freedom of expression. It was really pathetic when our own people started crying foul over the death penalty given to Yakub Menon and Afzal Guru.

In India one can even say that they will separate Kashmir from Indian Map. India is a nation where one can shout that the verdict given by the constitution is also biased. Even if one does these kind of cheap tricks the constitution doesn’t put them in prison. Instead it says that “You have freedom of expression. Do what you want”. But seculars do every possible thing against India in Domestic and International platforms. These seculars will be hyper active when there is any developmental activities happening in India like never before.

There is no need to ask why she is giving such kind of statements. These statements can only create unrest and add fuel to the supports of Anti- India brigade. She even claims that Pakistan never attacked its own citizens. Let us not dig deep. Last year when Prime Minister Modi mentioned about Baluchistan in Independence Day speech it was hard to digest by the Pak Govt. Since then it further increased its cruelty by intensifying military operations on Baloch residents and its freedom fighters. And here Arundhati Roy says that India rages war on its own citizens but not the peace seeking Pak. Wonderfully said by a Man Booker Prize Winner.

Major SurendraPoonia, former Special Forces officer of the Indian Army showed his discontent on what Arundhati Roy said. He rightly said that she glorifies Terrorists and Maoists and hides under “Freedom of Expression”.

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By these regular statements given by Arundhati Roy, one can be sure of the extent of venom she spills to tarnish India’s image. Firstly she tries to instigate people against India and its practices in a mild way. If that doesn’t work then she puts all her effort to disrupt the peace in the society. This is what India is; a man Boozer Prize winner should actually have identified what India lacks in and then put all the effort to overcome it. But what she does is she targets the most beautiful part in our country i.e., the constitution and projects it as a villain and the ruling government as its subordinates. Citizens should get aware of these and use their brain and keep such people out of one’s circle. This is the real contribution one can offer to make India a better place to live in.

Rajat Bhandary