Soft Hindutva and Caste Politics is back! Congress posters in Patna mention party leaders’ castes and calls Rahul Gandhi a “Brahmin”

In a major attempt to follow the BJP Party’s strong hold image of Hindutva, the Congress has resorted to appeal to the voters through a “soft-Hindutva” approach! And this attempt has grabbed the attention of several, gaining a negative image for Congress ad its President’s intentions.

While each and every party in India at this peak time ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, promoting its motive of Vikas, the Congress still seems to be interested in making Caste based politics a major tool of its campaign.

In a Controversial choice, Congress has chosen ‘Appeasement Tactic’, as a tool for campaigning. Poster of Congress party has been put up in Patna in which they have mentioned the caste of its leaders.

In a Poster grasping the attention of every eye, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been labeled a “Brahmin”, while several of the leaders have their castes such as “Dalits”, “Bhumihar” and “Rajputs” printed alongside their photographs. As per reports, most of the leaders seen in the poster are newly-appointed members of Bihar Congress.

This attempt by Congress not being the first to be witnessed, earlier during his visit to his constituency Amethi, posters depicting him as “Shiv Bhakt” were put up across the town. In fact, Gandhi was also greeted by Kanwariyas who even gifted him a memento of Lord Shiva.

The intentions of Congress seems to be a little tricky as Posters proclaiming Gandhi as a “Shiv Bhakt” were also put up in Bhopal when the Congress President visited Madhya Pradesh during a recent trip. Congress leader Kamal Nath has announced that if the party comes to power in Madhya Pradesh in the upcoming Assembly elections, it would construct the ‘Ram Van Gaman Path’ that would trace the mythical route taken by Lord Rama during his exile in the forests.

Congress has served a valid reason to be criticized. Reacting to the Congress party’s posters in Patna, the BJP has slammed the Opposition party for playing ‘divisive’ politics purely for the greed of votes and power in the country destroyed in its own hands.

Source: Timesnow news