A Soldier’s painful cry goes viral on social media….Is the video genuine???

For 70 years our soldiers were neglected, they were not given any facilities made to fight using old rusted weapons and deprived of every facility. Our soldiers begged for pension after retirement, their families cried for support after their death. But our governments could not spare 10 minutes to resolve their issues.

For 40 years, the Congress government betrayed them without clearing the OROP. Hundreds of soldiers breadth their last waiting for their dignity. It is very remembered how Indira Gandhi had treated Field Marshall Manekshaw without paying his due for over 30 years.

But however after Narendra Modi government came to power the condition of soldiers is said to be improved, the 4 decade long OROP has been delivered. The soldiers are being treated with all dignity, the widows, families have started receiving pensions on time. The Prime Minister treats the soldiers with great honor and spends every Diwali with them as a mark of respect and gratitude towards their service.

But since today morning, a soldier’s video has gone viral on social media. A soldier called Tej Bhadur Yadav has posted a video on his Facebook profile in which he is seen explaining about the real condition of soldiers in the army and the problems they are facing.



The soldier goes to say that they work for over 11 hours for Nation, they do not care if it’s raining, snowing, hot or cold but they serve the Nation without expectation. But the way the bureaucracy is treating them is very bad. He says that the government is providing all facilities, with sufficient nutritional food, milk and every other requirement, but some middleman in the government or army are misusing their position and diverting the facilities given by the government to traders and making money.

He posts 4 videos in which he shows the quality of food and drink being provided to them, it is indeed a sorry state to see that soldiers were given just 2 rotis and a small cup of tea/coffee. The soldier in the video says that he doesn’t blame the government but the bureaucracy is to be blamed for their pathetic condition. He also says that he may or not be alive after posting the video, since the bureaucracy and would go any extent to bury the issue.

He is seen requesting the Modi government to take proper action against those misusing their position.

But the biggest question here is…is the video really genuine???

Why we pose this question is, never before has any soldier who is In Duty has ever posted such video openly. It is against the rule for any soldier to post video or any pictures of their whereabouts and their activities in the army.

Moreover do soldiers have access to Facebook and cell phone on the army when they are on duty???

However if the video is really genuine then the Government should take the issue very seriously and take strict actions against those who have created such horrible situation in the army!

Aishwarya S