A Soldier’s Reply to What Has Changed in Kashmir after 2014???

After the death of Burhan Wani, the entire country celebrated the killing of the terrorist but few people from our own media, intellects along with Pakistan cried for him. They used this opportunity to pressurize government to ban pellet guns used by army against those creating violence in the valley. Some journos were spent day and night writing articles against Army. Why were all these people suddenly shaken and felt so insecure?

Here is an interesting story on it I heard from a businessman.

It was during mid-July this year when this businessman met a military soldier from Kerala while he was travelling from Delhi airport to metro station. The businessman an extrovert by nature likes to make friends where ever he goes. He got into conversation with the soldier sitting next to him, he was curious to know about his life in army, their daily routines and how they feel to leave their family for years. The soldier was happy to share some of his thoughts with the businessman. During the conversation the businessman asked his opinion about the present Modi government and the changes he sees in 2 yrs. The soldier immediately replied “Sir, I am a soldier I have no opinion about politics”. They shared light moments talking about food, weather in Delhi and Kerala. The metro station arrived and the soldier got up to say good bye, But before he left, he turned back towards the businessman smiled at and said: “Before 2014 we were instructed to use guns only when an army man dies, But now we don”t have to wait for our men to die to use our guns…This is the change”!

It then striked me, that this was the change which has made the Pro-Pakistan gang go gaga over Kashmir issue. The statistical report from 1994 to 2016 reveals some astonishing facts on the casualties of civilians, security forces and terrorists in Kashmir. The number of deaths of terrorists during NDA government is significantly high compare to UPA. Ever since Modi Government took over, the infiltration of terrorists into Kashmir have greatly reduced. The security forces and civilians deaths have reduced.


Is this what is bothering the anti-India lobby? Are they crying for their relatives from ISI and LeT? Thousands of our Jawans have died and are still dying in Kashmir fighting to protect our land from terrorists, Nobody bothered for those selfless young hero’s for over 10yrs. If a terrorist is killed these “Pseudo Liberals” talk about human rights? Do they have any right to speak about our country or about our Jawans? They cry for terror sympathizers who lost their eye protesting against army, did they shed a drop of tear to our soldiers, did they visit single family of a soldier?

We are safe today because of numerous sacrifices of our brave army men, and if they mock those sacrifices supporting terrorists, we can surely say…. Indians will never forgive them !!!

Aishwarya S