Soma Yaga! Since Independence, this Yaga that has been performed very few times will now be held in the border region of Karnataka-Kerala

In olden days for the betterment of the world, Yaga-Yajnas were performed. It is also true that due to these Yaga-Yajnas, there existed peace and prosperity. Now a very unique Soma Yaga is going to be held in the Karnataka-Kerala border region. “Kondevoor Shree Nithyananda Yogashrama” will witness this rare and auspicious Soma Yaga. The Mutt has been brought to mainstream due to the efforts of Sri Sri Sri Mohandas Paramahamsa Swamiji and Veda Mathe Sri Gayathri Devi is leading the Mutt by focusing on five main aspects i.e, Food, Education, Health, Shelter and Support.

This land has been called as “Yaga Bhoomi” due to various Yaga-Yajnas like Sahasra Chandika Yaga, Gayatri Grutha Samprathi Yaga, Chaturvedi Samhitha Yaga and Nakshathresti. Due to Parampoojya Swamiji’s divine resolution “Vishswajith Athiraathra Somayaga” will be held from 18th to 24th of February 2019. As a pre-preparation, several religious and cultural programs like “Vishnu Sahasra Nama Abhiyaana, Sahasra Vruksha Samrudhi Abhiyaana and Sahasra Akshadhana Samkalpa Abhiyana have been already started.

Grand preparation for this very unique and rare Soma Yaga has kick-started in the region of North Kerala. Lakhs of devotees from several nations are expected to attend the Yaga. The organisers of this event have requested the devotees to participate and contribute in every possible way and make this yaga a grand success.

Importance of Soma Yaga:

Yajna is a ritual sacrifice with a specific objective. Deities have attained their respective position so that they can perform good deeds to the world by performing Yajnas. Due to Yajnas, even our enemies will change their mind and become one’s friends.

Yajurveda states that learned men say Yajnas are the greatest of all. “Vedalikho Dharma Moolam” says experts, meaning “Veda” is the base of all Dharma. In Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna says that god created humans and Yajnas together and said to humans to get what they need through the right use of Yajnas. Everyone are of the belief that due to Yajnas, there will be timely rain and other natural cycles to continue without any disruption.

In these Yajnas, “Shrautha Yajna” is considered as the most important and it has been classified into 14 sections. In that, the first seven are called “Haviyajna” and the next seven as “Somajaynas”.

1. Angynadhana 2. Agni Hotra 3. Darshapoorna Maasa 4. Pindapitra Yajna 5. Chathurmaasa 6. Nirooda Paashubhandha and 7. Sautramani, are the seven Havirjnas.

1. Agnistoma 2. Athyagnistoma 3. Ukdhya 4. Shodashi 5. Vajapaya 6. Atiraathra 7. Aapthoyama are the seven Somayajnas.

In Somayaga, the main ingredient is Somarasa. The main deity for this Yajna is Indra. Soma stands for Chandra. In Somayaga, there are 16 Hrithvijas and they are divided into 4 sections.

1. Hothragana 2. Adhvaryagana 3. Audharyagana 4. Bhrahma Gana

If inviting deities is the work of Hothru, then management of yajnas is the work of Adharyu. Pleasing the task of deities is left to Udharthr and Brahma is the observer of the Yajna.

This Yajna will be complete with the cooperation of all these 4 sections of people. The work of this Yajna starts during sunrise and continues even after sunset. That’s why this is called “Athiraathra”. After following all the rituals that will be held in normal Somayaga, 12 Stotra and 2 Shastra will be held. Later 1300 Mantras named Ashwini Sahasra, which pleases deities, will be used. Prosperity in plants and ocean will take place due to this Yajna. All the benefits that will be obtained in any other Yajnas will also be attained from this Yajna. The Yajna mantap will be 70 feet in width and 100 feet tall. Another specialty of this Yajna is that after the completion of Yajna, all the equipment of it will be dispersed in water and the Yajna mantap will be let to consume by Agnidev (god of fire).

At a time when Shratha Yajna cannot be performed by individuals, “Vishwajit Athiraathra Somayaga” will be held along with “Aruna Kethuka Chayana” and anyone can attend this rarely held Yaga.

The Yaga will not just deliver an extra powerful boost of healing energy for those who participate but will also cleanse the atmosphere so that it becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease-free. As this Yaga will be held for several days, it takes lots of energy, efforts and funds. So I request everyone to participate in this Yaga and support in every possible way.

If one wants to support the Yaga by offering funds and Pooja services, then

They can make DD in the name of “Vishwajit Athirathra Somayaga”
Account Number: 204401011003944
Vijaya Bank (Mulinja Branch)

Types of Seva one can offer:

  • Complete Soma Yaga Seva, including Anna Dana (free food): Rs 3 lakh
  • Complete Soma Yaga Seva: Rs 2 lakh
  • 1 day’s Soma Yaga Seva, including Anna Dana (free food): Rs 1 lakh
  • 1 day’s Somayaga Seva: Rs 50,000
  • 1 day’s Anna Dana Seva: Rs 50,000
  • 1 session’s Anna Dana Seva: Rs 25,000
  • Aruna Kethu Chayana Seva: Rs 25,000
  • Somayaga Seva including Isti: Rs 10,000
  • Somayaga Seva: Rs 1000

The Soma Yaga is held very rarely and after Independence, this has been conducted only a handful of times. So I request everyone to support this Soma Yaga wholeheartedly.

Mahesh Vikram Hegde