“Some people publicly abuse industrialists but privately expect them to touch their feet”: PM Modi makes strong rebut against Maa-Beta!

Congress finds it amusing to mock BJP and especially PM Modi as Suit boot Sarkar, trying to build a false narrative that Modi government is against poor. This is a very old tactic followed by Congress party who in the name of poor try to gain sympathy and votes. It was in the year 1971, Indira Gandhi first used the Garibi Hatao phrase to attract votes and promised of eliminating poverty. It’s been 40 years since the sentence was first used and the 4th generation of the Gandhi family has ruled this country and still, their promise remains a distant dream.

So, since then, the tactic Congress has extensively used is to project themselves as pro-poor while claiming others as anti-poor and pro-rich. Rahul Gandhi recently had racked up the same issue in Parliament and called the Modi government pro-rich who helped only a handful of businessmen ignoring the common people. Rahul Gandhi blamed Modi government for letting people like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi escape.

PM Modi who was waiting for the right opportunity to rebut Rahul Gandhi, yesterday made a strong statement against those who criticize industrialists in public but expect them to fall on their feet behind. PM Modi in his speech said “India is proud of our industry and industrialists. They contribute greatly to national growth. But some people publicly abuse industrialists but privately expect industrialists to kowtow in front of them. I am happy to engage with industry and work with them for India’s prosperity.”

The reason why PM Modi deliberately raised this issue was because it had become a habit for Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi to mock the present government calling them Ambani and Adani agent.

But in reality, it is Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who have taken all benefits from the same industrialists and established crony capitalism, corruption during the UPA rule.

Sonia Gandhi who criticized PM Modi for using an Adani flight when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, should first look into her own history and explain why did she use Ambani’s private flights to travel abroad?!

It is not just Sonia Gandhi, but Rahul Gandhi is also said to have very close contacts with many business people including Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi. This detail was revealed by a Rahul Gandhi’s close aide Shehzad Poonawala who had said that Rahul Gandhi had attended Nirav Modi’s cocktail party where he was found to have close association with the loan defaulter.

Rahul Gandhi should not forget that massive loans to such criminals were given when their own government was in power despite being warned. It is also said that Vijay Mallya had close business links with Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and he had sometimes demanded shares in the Kingfisher Airlines of Mallya.

So, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi should stop thinking people are fools and would believe anything they say. Rahul Gandhi who calls PM Modi as Ambani agent should know that it is the Modi government which has taken stringent action against all companies who have escaped to pay taxes.

This is exactly why PM Modi lambasted those people who pose themselves to be anti-Industrialists but take all the benefits behind. His statements have shaken the two dynasty people in Congress as they know it is fact and who exactly was the “SOME PEOPLE” PM Modi meant.

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