Sonia Gandhi in big trouble as her close aide Ahmed Patel is exposed for having links with ISIS terrorists

This Congress leader is as powerful as Sonia Gandhi and this was apparent during the Rajya Sabha election that took place in the month of August. Though he was sure to lose, the dirty tricks played by Congress leaders ensured his victory. But now, this man named Ahmed Patel is in yet another trouble.

Can you believe that Ahmed Patel had links with ISIS terrorists who had plans to execute a bomb blast in Gujarat ahead of elections? Yes, the ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) squad nabbed two terrorists named lawyer Ubed Mirza, 29, and Kasim Steamerwala, 31. Shocking, terrorist Kasim was working in Ahmed Patel’s hospital.

The FIR filed by the police said that Kasim (who was working in Ahmed Patel’s hospital) resigned a day before and was “planning and preparing for emigration (Hijrah) to Jamaica in immediate future and indulge in jihad under the guidance of Abdullah el-Faisal, a radical preacher based in Jamaica”.

This terrorist resigned from Patel’s hospital just two days before getting caught! Isn’t it suspicious?

“Ahmed Patel is the person running the show at the hospital in Bharuch where he (Kasim, a laboratory technician) was employed. Patel was earlier a trustee of the hospital from which he resigned in 2014. However, he continued to run the show at the hospital where President Pranab Mukherjee was invited to inaugurate the premises in 2016”. This is how Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani expressed his suspicion on Ahmed Patel.

Just two days before being caught, they had resigned or their resignation was procured. This looks suspicious. What is the connection?

Did you know or did you didn’t? You have to tell the nation. Both Congress and Rahul Gandhi should also respond about the connection. It was a danger to the security of the nation. Doubts have risen in the minds of people. We are demanding that Ahmed Patel should resign from Rajya Sabha and Ahmed bhai and Congress should clarify on the matter” Mr Rupani further added.

But presstitute Sagarika Ghose as usual tried to play communal card when a terrorist was caught. Is she trying to say that Ahmed Patel doesn’t even know this terrorists who was all set to kill Indians?

Days ago, Congress was attacking PM Modi for following a man who allegedly sent abusive tweets through his twitter account. But now, a top leader of Congress who literally controls Congress has been caught having links with ISIS terrorists. Ahmed Patel is a Rajya Sabha MP and even a political adviser of Sonia Gandhi.

Is this a sign that Congress is providing safe haven to terrorists who want to destroy India?

Hansika Raj