Sonia Gandhi hurts Hindu sentiments once again! Stops her party MPs who wanted to protest against the Communist Govt in Sabarimala case

What can we expect from Congress party who have always used Hindus as placards for fulfilling their political motives.Whereas on one side the whole nation is fighting a war against restoring the traditions of Sabarimala Congress party is shaming the nation by supporting the forces against it

In yet another move of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, the high command of Congress and chairperson of UPA Mrs Sonia Gandhi stopped Congress MPSs from black band protest in LokSabha.
After two women who were in their 40s entered the Sabarimala shrine with the help of Communist Government of Kerala breaking the age old tradition of temple and embarking a black day in history the Congress MPs to express their support for the black day decided to wear black arm bands in LokSabha.

But when the Congress High command came to know about the decision of her MPs she stopped them from doing so citing the Congress party stands for “gender equality and women’s rights”, according to a report by the Indian Express

“On Wednesday afternoon, hours after it was confirmed that the two women had entered the shrine, the Congress MPs brought the arm bands with them to the Lok Sabha chamber. As soon as the UPA chairperson saw one of the MPs distributing the bands, she told them not to proceed, saying the Congress stands for “gender equality and women’s rights”.

The UPA chairperson stopped party MPs and dictated them to continue their state politics in the state itself and not to bring it at the national level as this is against the party’s ideologies and will not go well along with the party.

“She told the MPs that they could continue their protests in Kerala as part of their local politics. But at the national level, the MPs should not protest against women entering the temple, because it would go against what the Congress stands for — gender equality and women rights,” said sources.

The Congress party currently has seven MPs from Kerala in the Lok Sabha. Ever since the Supreme Court lifted the traditional age-linked gender bar at the hill shrine three months ago, the Congress has been trying to strike a political balance on the issue.

The party’s Kerala chief and Lok Sabha MP Mullappally Ramachandran has alleged that the entry of the two women in the shrine was “an operation meticulously planned and executed by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan” whom he accused of “trying to “divide the Hindu vote bank by sending the upper castes to the BJP fold.” Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala also blamed Pinarayi Vijayan for the violence and accused him of “creating a platform for the BJP and Sangh Parivar”.

More than the tradition of the temple it seems Congress MPs are worried about the platform being created for the BJP and Sangh Parivar. And on the national front party has already disassociated itself completely by supporting the Supreme Court Verdict. Even the Congress President Rahul Gandhi has publicly backed the entry of women of all ages in Sabarimala. This represents the Congress mentality who never leaves any chance to play politics and is worried only about being in power.


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