Sonia Gandhi is a spy planted by either KGB or Pope: Intelligence Bureau officer, M.K Dhar

If everything was alright then she wouldn’t have lied. She lied in each and every stage, from her birth place to her real name. Yes, it is of Sonia Gandhi, the wife of former Prime Minister of India. She said that she was studying in the same university but no one enrolled there in the name of Sonia Gandhi or even in her real name.

A retired Indian Police Service officer, Maloy Krishna Dhar, has revealed in his book “Open Secrets” certain facts that otherwise would have remained secret in the files of the Intelligence Bureau, which he served for 29 years.

He says, “My painstaking research and intelligence penetration had succeeded in identifying four Union ministers (of Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet) and over two dozen MPs who were on the payrolls of KGB operatives. Some of them are still around.

Maloy Krishna Dhar in his book spreads light on several lesser known facts and other public secrets. In the book he claims that Sonia Gandhi is a spy planted by either KGB or Pope.

In 1985 Russian spy agency KGB’s deposit of US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the “minor” account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi as was reported years back in .Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine was not for free. So, why the Russian secret service should pay this hefty amount to Sonia Gandhi who had married an Indian politician?

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If Sonia Gandhi had become the PM of India, everything about our national security, defense, scientific and technological progress by BARC, ISRO, DRDO, ICAR, ICMR, our trade policies will be an open book to Russia, Rome and even to the Muslim nations. The Italian mafia will take over Indian institutions and businesses. The consequences would have been dangerous.

M.K Dhar had listed out several instances which may prove that she is either Russian agent or planted by Pope.

During Nehru’s time, Indira Gandhi might have been on the payroll of KGB. Later as per U.S Congressional hearing records, Indira Gandhi’s family most likely Rajiv and Sonia, were on the payroll of the Pakistani Banker the late Agha Hassan Abedi, who founded the Bank known as Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). BCCI was a drug money laundering outfit finally owned by the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zyed.

The mysterious death of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shasthri raises finger on Russia. After the India-Pakistan War of 1965, Shastri met in Tashkent with President Ayub Khan of Pakistan and signed a “no-war” declaration. But he died on the next say. It seems like the evidences were purposely botched up.

The death of Sanjay Gandhi too paved way for several suspicions. The KGB allegedly murdered Sanjay Gandhi so that Rajiv may be the next PM of India.

Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE which is totally supported and financed by Christian organizations abroad. Rajiv Gandhi was blown up in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991 by a Roman Catholic female suicide bomber Dhanu, 24, whose real name was Kalaivathi. Once Rajiv was killed, the external spy agencies might have worked behind the scenes to promote Sonia Gandhi. Potential threats to Sonia’s leadership were one by one eliminated in excellently planned natural accidents which are a KGB specialty.

Rajesh Pilot died in a road accident on Sunday, Jitendra Prasada died of brain hemorrhage on Sunday and Madhava Scindia was killed in a place crash on Sunday. Kamal Nath, another prominent young Congress leader narrowly escaped when a small plane he was travelling in crashed, killing some others on board.

Catholics consider Sundays as the special day and all the threats of Sonia Gandhi were eliminated on Sunday.

(Disclaimer: The information was taken from the excerpts from the book of M.K Dhar. The Postcard.news doesn’t endorse or reject any views of the book and is no way responsible for any misinformation in the book)

Source: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://unknownpossible.blogspot.com/2011/07/sonia-gandhi-is-plant-of-kgb-isi-and.html&gws_rd=cr&ei=Hz1yWYe5I8HR0AS8g4aoAg



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