Sonia Gandhi is deeply hurt by the death of terrorists, that is why Congress calls Army chief ‘Goonda’

In the last 7 days, 16 terrorists or more, have been gunned down by the Indian army. All these terrorists were from Pakistan and had plans of creating unrest in the valley. Salman Khursheed a prominent lawyer & congress member issued a statement after the Batla house encounter which took place on 19 September 2008. 2 terrorists from the Indian Mujahideen were killed, but the Congress party was left disappointed. Khursheed said that Sonia Gandhi couldn’t control her emotions when she heard about the death of the terrorists.


The Delhi police inspector Mohan Chand Sharma who led the police action against terrorists, was also killed in the encounter. The Congress termed Sharma as a terrorist and insulted his sacrifice.

Sandeep Dik-shit calls the Army chief a ‘Sadak ka Goonda’. What else can you expect from a Pakistani boot-licking party? Even the other political parties from the left have made it a point to abuse & target the army constantly.

In the last 20 days 4 terrorists have been killed in Nowgam sector, 4 terrorists have been killed in Tral, 4 were gunned down in Machil, 5 terrorists were killed in Uri and 6 terrorists in Rampur sector joined the ‘Jannat club.’

Salman Khursheed had called Sonia Gandhi as the mother of the nation. It is obvious that Sonia is not able to observe the fact that a large number of terrorists are being dispatched to hell everyday. She’s not the mother of the nation, she’s just the mother of the Congress.

The Congress party members can’t see their mother sad, and that’s the reason they’re targeting the Army chief.

Is that the reason for Raga’s indefinite break from politics. I mean, the family trip to Italy.


Alok Shetty