Sonia Gandhi must apologise to the people of the country immediately: Subramanian Swamy!

Subramanian Swamy has come out heavily on Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi after their party members brutally killed a cow publicly in Kerala.

Speaking to the TimesNow, Dr Swamy condemned the slaughtering of the cow by Congress members, saying it has disturbed Hindus all over the country. He said that one should respect the belief and sentiments of others before committing such brutal crime. He urged Sonia Gandhi to apologise to the country for the crime their party workers committed.

It is now revealed that the man who organized and slaughtered the animal was a Kerala Congress MLA and not just a member.

But Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have gone into hiding and the party President has not even condemned the incident.

What is more appalling is that even after severe criticism from the entire country, the Congress party workers even today carried out beef festival in many parts of Kerala killing  cows. Congress people also paraded the head of the Cow on the streets of the Kerala displaying the act of brutality!

The Congress people have shown no remorse or apologized, but have continued to show their brutality. This is the same party which used Cow and calf symbol to win Uttar Pradesh elections during Indira Gandhi time and calls Mahatma Gandhi as their idol who believed in Ahimsa.

Image result for Congress party cow symbol

Image result for Congress party cow symbol

This incident has proved that their entire ideology of secularism, non violence is just a FAKE slogan to fool the people of the country!

Aishwarya S