Sonia Gandhi must quit politics immediately!!! Do you know how Congress leader Manish Tewari abused PM Modi and his followers?

Yesterday was the birthday of PM Modi and wishes had flooded on social media from his followers. As we all know, Congress doesn’t have the habit of participating in others joys. So the frustrated Congress leaders were seen abusing and trolling PM Modi and his followers.

Top leader of Congress party, Manish Tewari stooped to all time low and made a comment that exposed the present situation of Congress leaders. This poses a doubt whether the Congress party is filled with intellects or goons.

“Is Se Khate Hain CHUTIYON Ko Bhakt Bana Na or Bhakton Ko Permanent CHUTIYA Bana Na -Jai Ho. Even Mahatma can not teach MODI Deshbhakti”. This was the tweet made by Manish Tewari of Congress.

Should we ignore this tweet by saying that it was a work of a lunatic or should we support him saying that “let us not curb the free speech of Manish Tewari”?

Recently, a BJP supporter had used an abusive language on twitter but the Congress targeted and trolled PM Modi. Now, by using their own logic, shouldn’t Congress party president Sonia Gandhi quit politics because a top leader of Congress party made such comment?

Manish Tewari calls PM Modi unpatriotic!!!
In his tweet, he said that even Mahatma Gandhi cannot teach patriotism to PM Modi. First of all, let the Congress party learn patriotism from PM Modi. It is Congress that had trapped its own citizens like Sadhvi Pragya Singh and Lt Col Purohit in bomb blast cases. It was Congress party who supported anti-nationals and it was Congress that had defamed India in the name of Intolerance. So let them learn patriotism first, instead of teaching it to other patriots.

Will Sonia Gandhi quit?

Now the million dollar question is, what will be the reaction of Sonia Gandhi? There is high possibility that the Congress will ignore this abusive tweet by saying that “It was his personal comment and the party has nothing to do with it”.

Recently, Digvijay Singh too had made such kind of comment on PM Modi and his followers. But neither Sonia Gandhi nor the youth icon Rahul Gandhi commended this statement. It is apparent that they are supporting such kind of abusive tweets on social media.

Even Rahul Gandhi isn’t lagging in making such abusive remarks as last year he had used the words “Khoon Ki Dalali”. “You are hiding behind the blood of our soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in Jammu & Kashmir. Our jawans have given blood, they carried out surgical strikes. You are doing ‘khoon ki dalali’ with the blood of our martyrs. Our Army did what they were supposed to do. Now do your work”, these were the words of Rahul Gandhi in a rally in Uttar Pradesh last year.

Sonia Gandhi had referred to the then Gujarat chief minister Modi as “Maut Ke Saudagaar” (deal-maker of death) in 2007. So the remark made by Tewari wasn’t surprising.

This tweet faced criticisms from lakhs and lakhs of people but not even a single Congress leader questioned Manish Tewari.


Hansika Raj