Did Sonia Gandhi really meet an underworld Dubai DON in America….Why?

An explosive revelation has been again made by the cyber expert and data analyst Dr Gaurav Pradhan about Sonia Gandhi. The information he disclosed are chilling and shaken the social media world.

Recently we heard the news that Sonia Gandhi had left abroad for some treatment. Many people mocked her for not trusting the Indian doctors and always going abroad for treatment. But the real issue is she has not gone for treatment but for a very important work which will shock you all. Gaurva Pradhan who is known to disclose many secretive information which most media would not know has once again come out with scathing report about Sonia Gandhi foreign trip.

In a series of tweet, he has revealed that Congress were skeptic about winning the UP elections and very well knew they were going to loose. And once the exit polls were out on 9th March it was confirmed that there was no way they would win UP. Just a day after the exit polls and a day before counting, Sonia Gandhi left for US for treatment. So why did she leave in such hurry just a day before counting? One may assume that she left to save herself from further embarrassment…But you are wrong!

The media since many days kept saying that Sonia Gandhi cannot campaign and she wants to keep herself out of politics and allow Rahul Gandhi to take in-charge. But this is a total Farce news and a fake narrative created by the media. Sonia Gandhi has never been out of politics, the only reason she is not campaigning is because she has lost popularity and can never draw crowds. She is working behind screens with all un-ethical means and is trying her best to disrupt the country with anti National forces.

The more she remains out of sight, the more she is planning to destroy the country….Never forget this!

So now the real reason for Madam’s foreign visit is not treatment but to give SUPARI!  Dr Gaurav Pradhan has said there are chances that Madam may have given supari to a man called “Chota Bhai” from Dubai. This is the most shocking information he has revealed.

Madam who always used to visit New York for any treatment, this time has gone to a place called Paul Culley, an elementary school in Las Vegas, USA. It is said that she has met a guy named Chota Bhai who came from Dubai. Was he her DOCTOR??

Dr Pradhan has also disclosed that just 15-20 hours back Muzaffar Baig had spoken to Chota Bhai and conveyed a secret message about some meeting.

Dr Pradhan has revealed the account number of the UniCredit Bank, HQ in Italy has transferred Euro 5,000,000 (Rupees 35,51,87,396 crore) to an account owned by a person called Sabanta. But this money has been redirected to an account in Dubai to Chota Bhai under the name Abdul Hakim.

It is very well known that Congress are desperate and know they cannot compete with PM Modi. Each day they are losing relevance in politics. The only way to keep themselves alive in politics is to stop Modi’s growth. So they are trying all desperate means. Pradhan has also said in his tweets there will be an attempt to malign the image of PM Modi on international platform, just like how they did during the Intolerance.

He has infact warned all the social media activists to be alert. Since Gujarat elections are nearing there are chances that the Congress may try to attack Dalits and again create a situation of intolerance. They are desperate and are ready to go to any extent even if it costs the National security.

Just after Pradhan revealed this shocking information, people were asking where was Rahul Gandhi, to which journalist Shekar Gupta replied that he may have fled abroad in secrecy to meet his mother. He was not seen for almost 4 days, where was he?

Disclaimer: The information provided in the article is of Dr Gaurav Pradhan and is no way responsible if the information is found to be wrong or misleading!

Aishwarya S