Sonia Gandhi reminded Indians the hilarious speech of “Silencer” from 3 Idiots!!! All were stunned when Sonia Gandhi used the word “Balatkaar” while referring to Indira Gandhi

The incident happened today in Congress Plenary session reminds me of the movie 3-Idiot when the character Chatur in the movie was delivering his speech. Chatur, not aware of Hindi Language was delivering his speech from a written document like a speaking parrot who is trained to speak. He used “Balatkar” word instead of “Chamatkar” to signify the director’s contribution to the institution.

Queen of Congress Sonia Gandhi is no different from Chatur. She also unaware of the rituals, the language of country created same blunder during her speech. While she was making the nation aware of her mother-in-law and former Prime Minister Of India Indira Gandhi’s contribution to politics of India instead of saying “40 varsh pehle Chikmangloor mein Indira ji ki shaandar jeet ne desh ki Rajneeti ko Badalkar rakh diya hai aur congress ek baar fir shaktishaali party bankar ubhri” she said “40 varsh pehle Chikmangloor mein Indira ji ki shaandar jeet ne desh ki Rajneeti ko balatkaar rakh diya aur congress ek baar fir shaktishaali party bankar ubhri” Actually she had to say that 40 years ago, due to victory of Indira Gandhi in chikkamangalore Indian politics has transformed completely. Once again our party must give a similar performance. But instead, she said her victory completely raped the Indian politics.

Anyhow, we all knew about this always but we haven’t thought the truth about Indira Gandhi will come out like this from her daughter-in-law. Either by a slip of tongue, or unawareness of language Sonia Gandhi accepted that her family is doing the rape of politics and India since long.

Immediately after this video got viral, Some of the hardcore supporters of Congress even started blaming that this video is doctored and started blaming the people that the supporters of Modi government are shameless. That’s why they are doing such things. But they need to open their eyes and see it is not doctored. What is the condition of Congress supporters that even after the proof they are not trusting it. So how would be they able to understand what’s going behind the doors that even don’t have any proof.

These guys are so shameless. People are kicking them so all they are left with is doctoring videos. What a shame. Is this the glorious Bharat Modi just gave them?

This was the “wow” moment of Congress Plenary session that is actually explaining the truth how this family have looted our country from generations and generation, raping the people of nation. The queen and his son who even don’t know how to speak and what to speak dream of ruling our nation. This is the reason even they people don’t come in forefront and debate with the leaders of opposition. Forget the opposition even has she ever answered questions from her own party members?

This Congress Plenary session instead of discussing about positive aspects was more focused on targeting Modi government. Sonia Gandhi attacked Modi government and said “The slogans of ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikas’ and ‘na khaoonga, na khaane doonga’ are only and only dramebazi (drama) and a trick to grab power,” referring to Modi’s promises of inclusive development and corruption-free governance. It is dramebaazi or not that nation knows  Mrs.Gandhi and along with that nation also knows that what are true colours of your family that even you admitted today.