Sonia Gandhi said, Congress party will never give Mahadayi water to Kannadigas! What do you say about this, Mr Siddaramaiah?

Today, the pro-Kannada organisations that are inclined towards the ruling party of Karnataka had shut the Karnataka state. Although, the protest was a complete failure because the main purpose of it had failed completely. The intention was to subside the popularity of Amit Shah’s rally but Mr Shah came like a boss and marked the end of “Parivarthana Rally” which was a massive success.

The issue would have been solved long back but it was none other than Sonia Gandhi who said that the “Kannadigas” won’t be given water of Mahadayi water by diversion.

“We are committed not to allow river water diversion”, this was what Sonia Gandhi said at Margao in south Goa, in the year 2007. Now with what moral right the Congress is attacking PM Modi? Even if the Congress party comes to power in Goa or Centre, it will never settle the water dispute. It is using it at the time of elections just to play with the emotions of farmers.

What is the Mahadayi water conflict? Why there is a tussle between Karnataka and Goa since decades?

  • River Mahadayi is known as river Mandovi in Goa. The river flows first 35km through Karnataka and remaining 52km through Goa before joining Arabian Sea. Not just Karnataka and Goa, but even Maharashtra depends on on this river for their water needs.
  • Water expert the late SG Balekundri first planned Mahadayi water diversion in 1970 but as we know, Sonia Gandhi opposed to this in the year 2007. It should be noted that Karnataka wants a meagre 7.56 TMC feet of water from Mahadayi for its drinking water needs in Mumbai-Karnataka region. It wants to build barrages across Kalasa and Banduri two tributaries of Mahadayi. It can supply water to 180 villages and Hubli-Dharwad twin cities.
  • The Mandovi is important for Goa because it is one of the few sweet-water sources at the state’s disposal. Most of Goa’s 11 rivers contain salt water and Mandovi ensures water security as well as being an important place to source fish for the state.

The double standards of Congress party! How it is cheating the innocent farmers in Karnataka!

“Congress blaming Modi over Mahadayi River Water Dispute in Karnataka as BJP in Central. But who actually did this? Well, the mother of Rahul Gandhi. Its Sonia Gandhi who said We’ll not allow diversion of Mahadayi waters, when Congress was in Central”.

  • “Nobody can blame BJP for Mahadayi dispute. It was created by Congress, nurtured by Congress and even now fuelled by Congress for its political survival. We will resolve this once we come back to power this year with the blessings of Kannadigas”.

Bandh is a political stunt by the Congress!

  • “Karnataka Bandh is sponsored by ruling party Congress. Has any bandh ever achieved anything except violence and causing inconvenience to common people? This was a political stunt of Congress. Bandh has never been a solution and has solved nothing”.

Its unfortunate that just to stay in power, the Congress party is blatantly lying in the Mahadayi water dispute.

Source: http://www.news18.com/news/politics/what-is-mahadayi-dispute-that-threatens-to-rock-karnataka-heres-an-explainer-1640723.html



Hansika Raj