Sonia Gandhi is scared to reveal her “Real background”: Read how she twisted facts to save her image

How Savarkar got the prefix “Veer” to his name? This question was asked by a “intellect” of Congress party. So let us answer in her own language. Answer to her question begins with how Rahul became Gandhi. Wonderful beginning to a foolish question, isn’t it? Let us make it further interesting.

It was twelve years ago when NDA government jumped into the elections saying “India is shining”. But it lost in elections and Congress emerged as a single largest party in 2004. As it didn’t get majority, it had to approach other tiny political parties for coalition. All the congress loyalists begged Sonia Gandhi to take over the position of Prime Minister and save this country like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. But Sonia Gandhi didn’t agree to be the PM and declined the offer. Everyone said what a sacrifice, really a great personality. But what is more surprising is that how a greedy person like her can decline the PM post. Was she scared that she will be murdered like Indira and Rajiv?

We have seen the degree of obedience shown by Congress party workers and party leaders to the Gandhi family in the last 70 years. A Jehadi terrorist who wraps himself with bomb and does suicidal attack to protect his religion can be equated with Congress workers who rock and roll to protect Gandhi family’s prestige. Blind faith can be evident in the minds of both terrorists and Congressmen. For example, look how they projected a “Party freak without mind” as their leader and a youth icon. He has no idea about India or Indian politics. He would have enjoyed his life attending parties in western nations with wonderful ladies but Sonia pushed him to politics and made him to suffer. His passion is partying in pub and not politics.

We have seen how Congress is ready to embrace a politician who is ready to blow up his political rivals with bombs. So to be in power they may go up to any extent. This is congress for you.

“I can tolerate a terrorist but not Modi as a prime minister”, this sentence was said by Sonia Gandhi. She is truly a legend. The dirty tricks played by this woman to suppress her only political rivals is being slowly disclosed one after another. So called intellects, scholars, journalists, terrorists, underworld dons -almost everyone- were used by Sonia led congress to destroy their rivals.

Shall we turn few pages of history now? Where did Sonia Gandhi take birth? Who are her parents? Where did she complete her education? Who are her friends? How did she meet Rajiv Gandhi?
Dr. Subramanian Swamy was the first person to ask these questions firmly in national level. Till then none of these questioned were raised. Why don’t we come out from our slave mentality? There is a reason to ask this question. Sonia came as a daughter- in-law of the then PM and wife of the future PM. So due to this, we didn’t even go to question her identity. This is called slave mentality.

So Dr Swamy not just questioned her background –this background was hidden by her as she was shameful of it- but also disclosed her dark secrets. Her real name was not Sonia. It’s Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. Her father Stefano Maino, was a loyal fascist. He was in the army of the Italian dictator Mussolini.  Let me not forget to mention that these fascist were the one who hunted down Communists and forcefully made them drink mustard oil. They even blackened their face.  Later during war he travelled to Russia. He was even imprisoned by Russians for 2 years.

In Russia he had friendship with women named  Sonia, Maroushka, Anoushka.  He started to call both of his daughters in Russian names once he was back to Italy. So one of his daughter turned to Sonia. Later he continued his life as a contractor. By then his fascist army was completely destroyed.

Sonia had not only lied about her name but even about her birth place. According to her birth certificate, she was born in an area called Luciana where Nazi and Mussolinis fascist’s had their strong hold. In an affidavit which she had submitted while contesting for election, she mentioned her birth place as Orbassano. She had this fear in her find that if she discloses her actual birth place then the people of India would know her past which was hidden .

Let us ignore her birth place. What is Sonia’s educational qualification? She didn’t complete any graduation as she claims in India during election campaigns. Rajiv Gandhi met her in England at a Restaurant in Cambridge and not in any college campus. Sonia Gandhi claims that she holds a Diploma in English. But funny fact is that there is not even a single student of her name in the college mentioned by her. So it is clear that she didn’t attend any college. “She was one among several ladies from poor Italian families who worked at the Bar & Restaurant in England”, is what many say.

Let us ignore even this. Sonia loved Rajiv Gandhi and they decided to get married. But Stefano wasn’t ready to get his daughter married to Rajiv Gandhi as he was not a Roman Catholic. There were rumours that Rajiv was ready to get converted to Roman Catholic. It is said that Feroze Gandhi -father of Rajiv- Gandhi was not a Parsi but a Muslim.

Once there erupted a clash between Congress and Muslim league which lead to intolerance only between Hindus and Muslims. Feroze’s mother was a Parsi before getting married to Jahangir Khan. But later she got converted to Islam. So let us focus on how Rahul got Gandhi added to his name. The full name of Indira Gandhi’s husband was Feroze Jehangir Ghandy. Later Ghandy got modified to Gandhi and was tagged with Indira’s name. This master plan was suggested by Nehru’s political Guru Mahathma Gandhi. Feroze wasn’t a Parsi, to support this, proof is that his last rituals were done according to Islam by burying his body.

Let us ignore the controversy about his religion and assume that Feroze was a Parsi. So even Rajiv should also be a Parsi. As per this logic, the baby Rahul Gandhi born to Rajiv and Italian born Edvige Antonia Albina Màino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi should also be a Parsi. But how can he become a Hindu? The affidavit submitted by Rahul during elections claim that he is a Hindu.

Actress Ramya had asked how Savarkar got the prefix “Veer”. If you dont remember Ramya then let me remind about her, she is the one who said “Pakistan is not a hell but Mangalore is”. She is an Indian born actress whose heart resides in Pakistan.

Ramya who isn’t aware of her family history is trying to question a staunch patriot Veer Savarkar.

Ramya needs to clarify certain doubts:

  • Clarify regarding who is her father
  • Justify how Rahul became Gandhi
  • Answer why Edvige Antonia Albina Màino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi is hiding her past

When these questions are answered by her, automatically she will know how Savarkar became Veer Savarkar.

Source: Rohit Chakratheertha

Vikrant Raj