Sonia Gandhi scores a massive self-goal! Do you know what she said on Muslims and BJP?

Sonia Gandhi says BJP managed to convince people we’re a Muslim party. I want to know. Till 2013, only religious function, Congress hosted at its party offices were Iftar parties during Ramzan, apart from celebrating anniversaries of members belonging to Nehru-Gandhi family. Why?

Who doesn’t know Cong party’s an expert in appeasement politics? Arresting Col Purohit on false charges, covering up Ishrat Jahan case, Osama is Osamaji, Mani Shankar Iyer’s stat to the Pak media, targets the Indian army etc. They have in fact betrayed India

BJP wrongly convinced people that Congress is a Muslim party: says Sonia Gandhi

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi said the BJP had managed to “convince” people that the Congress was a “Muslim party” and indicated that Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s visits to temples was an attempt to shed that perception.

“The BJP has managed to, I don’t say brainwash because that is a rude word, but it has managed to convince people, to persuade people that the Congress party is a Muslim party. In my party, the great majority is Hindu. Yes, there are Muslims too. So I fail to understand this branding us as a Muslim party,” she said at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai.

She also said the Congress had been “pushed into a corner” and so felt the need to draw attention, rather than keeping quiet, to Rahul’s frequent temple visits before the Gujarat assembly elections in December 2017. Then, his visits had sparked a debate on whether the Congress party was resorting to ‘soft Hindutva’.

Gandhi said that as a family, they have always visited temples but never made it a spectacle. “We have always been to temples. When I used to travel with Rajiv, wherever we went, we would visit at least one major, important temple. We never made a show of it. It was quite a natural thing. Rahul has gone to temples before,” she said.

She also took on the Narendra Modi-led NDA government. She said India’s liberal and open democracy was giving way under the ruling establishment’s “dangerous design” and the country’s social DNA was being re-engineered. “Political opponents are being targeted through the misuse of investigative agencies. The judiciary is in turmoil, civil society is being silenced, universities and students are being straight-jacketed. Much of the media is being coerced away from its proper watchdog role, which is surely to expose misgovernance, scams and frauds,” said Gandhi.

Anil Baluni, the national head of the BJP’s media wing, said the country was defamed internationally under the UPA. “The country has seen Sonia Gandhi in different forms. As the most powerful figure when UPA was in government, the country went through depression. As the party president, she presided over the party’s decline to 44 seats and its decimation across states. And as an opposition leader, she is practicing the politics of fear and deception. She has taken both the country and her own party down,” he said.

-Ram a Myth
-Hindu Terror
-Against Ram Setu
-Controlled Temples
-Haj Subsidy
-Violence Bill
-Hoisted only Iftar
-Tried to quash PFI cases
-Distorted Ishrat case
-Cried on Batla
-Sibal against Ram Mandir & Love Jihad
Now who managed to convince people Congress a Muslim party?

But Congress isn’t even a Muslim Party. It is a Family Party. Garibi Hatao is their slogan but form 1947-2014 wealth of Gandhi family multiplied million times and Poor ones still remain to be poor. With Debated Origin of the Sole Family of Congress Rulers and their Party’s Foreign Leadership in the Last Decades, Congress policies were biased to So-Called Religious Minorities, throughout.

Seems like in the name of secularism these people are forgetting the basic needs of our country….time to take history classes for them…and educate them on few facts which the world knows and unknown to them…..

Wasn’t it her puppet PM who ranted out that minorities (read muslims) had the first right on national resources?? Why change the spots now ?? Do they think people are fools& need “convincing” . Congress is a pro muslim party,(its another thing that INC cheated them too as VB)

Source: indianexpress.com