Sonia Gandhi wants to make RaGa as PM!!! But do you know how PM Modi treated his brothers and relatives after becoming India’s PM?

He neither talks about any of his family members nor mentions them anywhere through the power of his position

One politician has a son pursuing his distance education, and another has his daughter married to a richest business man’s son. If one buys a huge crore property another would be in a rat race to buy some other sort of luxury.

But one man indeed stands unique among all other corrupt politicians and leaders; he’s our “Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. He is a living example to a “self-less personality”. And with his every move he proves his dedication purely towards advancement of India. He neither talks about any of his family members nor mentions them anywhere through the power of his position.

He has remained loyal and sincere to his Prime Minister’s post and his time is preserved for the nation alone.

Here we got an example for PM Narendra Modi’s simple and humble life and none other than Modiji’s brother himself. Unlike the more common trend of relatives gaining in affluence and influence, “Sombhai” objects to being called the “prime minister’s brother”!!

Sombhai Modi is the “elder brother” of PM Narendra Modi. Though it is interesting to know that even after younger brother rose to the prime minister’s post, but things have not changed at the “Vadnagar ashram” where Sombhai has lived since the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. Modi became chief minister later that year, launching him on a journey that took him to the PM’s post, but Sombhai’s life remains unchanged as he tends to the elderly and organises “blood donation and healthcare camps”.

Unlike the more common trend of relatives gaining in affluence and influence, Sombhai objects to being called the “prime minister’s brother” and feels comfortable with the lack of attention. Despite repeated requests, Sombhai refuses an interview, saying, “It kills the purpose of not using the position of my younger brother.”

“There are several people running old age homes like me but you chose to interview me simply because I am Narendra Modi’s brother. It encourages dynasty, and may be, relatives and other acquaintances will try to influence people and misuse the power.” he adds.

Instead, Sombhai suggests a visit to Vadnagar town, which has witnessed changes recently with the construction of a new railway station, the one where Modi used to “sell tea” at an outlet run by his father Damodardas Modi.

Modi’s first cousin Ashokbhai cooks meals at a sevashram in Vadnagar. Ashokbhai cooks ‘khichdi’ and his wife Vimlaben Modi washes utensils. The couple earns Rs 4,000-5,000 a month to take care of three daughters and a son. In the festival season, he sells kites, firecrackers and puts up stalls at nearby fairs. “I wish Narendrabhai attends my daughters’ wedding,” says Ashokbhai, who is considerably younger to the PM.

Isn’t this indeed inspirational?

Modi’s younger sister Vasantiben and her husband Hansmukhbhai Modi, who retired from LIC, live in a row house at Vishnagar, some 90 km from Ahmedabad.

Another older brother, Amrutbhai, retired from a private company as a fitter in 2005. He settled in Ghatlodia Colony in Ahmedabad.

Modi’s youngest brother Pankajbhai, an officer with the state information department, is the most well-known, thanks to mother Heeraben staying with him in his three-room house in Ahmedabad. Modi visits on occasions, including his birthday to take his mother’s blessings.

The Modi family’s modest means plays a key role in BJP’s aggressive attacks on rivals for promoting dynasts as leaders. Rahul Gandhi is the prime target as was Akhilesh Yadav in the UP elections. BJP’s slogan of “politics of performance” is buttressed by the lack of change in the Modi family’s fortunes.

This needs no justification that Sombhai and his family is totally proud of Modiji and what he was in the past and his present status do not make a difference to them.
In the time Modi became CM in 2001 and PM in 2014, his extended family remains much the same. They are not interested in gaining name or fame.

Modiji’s family indeed follows his steps.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/rajkot/family-remains-untouched-by-modis-rise/articleshow/61855256.cms