Sonia Gandhi’s foreign visit for an annual medical check-up has created a huge embarrassment for the Congress party! Check how!

Corrupt Politicians and celebrities in India do not believe in Indian Judiciary and Indian Hospitals, doctors accordingly. They travel outside India for medical checkups and surgeries spending crores of rupees. What does this mean? Are Indian hospitals not fully equipped or are they are not confident about the treatment given by our Indian doctors?

Something similar was a sight to watch on Twitter, Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s Tweet read something like this:

Will be out of India for a few days, accompanying Sonia Ji to her annual medical check up.

To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don’t get too worked up…I’ll be back soon!

The last part of Rahul’s tweet seems to be quite interesting. He cares a lot for BJP Army. If he had done same for his own Indian congress people it would have flourished way better, than its present state. Sad your family couldn’t build one International level Hospital in the past 70 years in India. We pity you need to travel to abroad now.

Health Checkups are available in India too but I guess, the madam of Congress chose to abroad for it to get some rest from all verbal diarrhoea and criticisms from different parties and being away from that is a relief in itself n a great way to re-energize, isn’t it?

Get well soon Sonia Ji. But why is it that after 70 years of Indian Independence from White rule the partly Italian family of India has to go abroad for treatment? Also, Rahul Gandhi, twitter opposition can work wherever there is internet provided you can tweet without your ‘office’

Please make a note of it people, its not even treatment, it’s just a regular health checkup! Arun Jaitley underwent a kidney transplant in India only. Now decide who has respect for the Nation and its institutions? No matter how many years they ruled, according to Congress, it’s all PM Modi’s fault in 4 Saal ki Modi Sarkar. PM Modi’s 4 years is comparatively greater to 70 years of Congress rule? Can you figure out the logic behind this?

It shows the kind of development they have made that after 70 years of Independence that they themselves don’t even trust the abilities and facilities of the hospitals in India. And the Shehzada of Congress needs to take his Raj Mata to another country for a minor health check-up, how sad is that? Whom do they have to blame now? Modi Sarkar again?

Raga for his mother’s treatment Is going to travel abroad

In the past 60 years of his family governance Why couldn’t he build an international standard hospital

Which would give the same treatment To Indians as well???

Dear Rahul Gandhi

Your Dynasty Ruled Us For 60 Years. Could You Please Let Us Know Why Didn’t They Build A Single Hospital Of International Level? What About The Poors Who Can’t Afford To Go Outside For Their Mother?

Wishing Good Health To Sonia Gandhi.