Sonu Nigam is a failed singer, Sehwag & Gambhir failed sportsmen, Phogats are declining sportstars while Rahul Gandhi is a stellar achiever

Congress is the opposite of progress in India. For long, the party has supported all anti-national activities. They have turned out to be the biggest boot-lickers of western civilizations and separatists in Kashmir. Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha recently hit out at all the celebrities who spoke in favour of the nation (one spoke against the Azaan loudspeakers). I don’t blame him for doing so. This is what the party has been doing for decades.

Patriotism or nationalism as they put it is so not ‘cool.’ Ultimately the obsession of the congress party with ‘class’ is that big, that they embrace anyone & everyone who hurl abuses at the nation. So the Congress’ definition of patriotism goes like this – make fun of your nation, make fun of the Hindu Religion, glorify terrorists & pacify anti-nationals. Isn’t it strange that they haven’t spoken in favour of the Indian Army, even once (excluding Rahul’s OROP chirp)

Only Rahul, Only Priyanka… Nothing to do with the Indian Army…

Sanjay Jha indirectly insulted all the athletes & singers who had voiced their opinion in favour of the army.

Jha at least gets to be in the news for specific reasons. Check out the ‘non-violent’ answers that he received.


Jha’s memory is worse than Aamir Khan’s in Ghajini. Sehwag is the only Indian to score two triple centuries. One of the most destructive players in the history of the Game, Sehwag has been a nightmare for international bowlers. Gambhir apart from his brilliant IPL record was also the top scorer in the T 20 world cup final in which we beat Pakistan. Sonu Nigam has won more awards when compared to Raga’s electoral victories. Abhijeet ruled the music charts for some time.

Sanjay, your bald head is a reminder that you’re as good as zero. We could speak or write about these superstars for a day. You deserve what you get.

Alok Shetty