Soon after calling PM Modi a liar, Rahul Gandhi embarrassed the Congress party in a rally with his lies! Do you know what the liar RaGa said?

The Shehzada of Congress repeats the same lie again during his speech at the Karnataka rally.

In last few yrs BJP govt waived off loan of 2.5 lakh cr of 15 richest people. When farmers talks of loan waiver, PM Modi & FM say it isn’t their policy. Siddharamaih ji & Congress govt in K’taka waived off loan of Rs 8,000 cr of farmers of Karnataka :Rahul Gandhi, Congress Pres

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday dug out his own pit of lies while trying to allege at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while saying that the latter waived off loans of the richest people, but declined to take any step for the farmers.

While addressing a gathering at Udupi in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi said,

“In last few years, BJP government waived off a 2.5 lakh crore loan of 15 richest people”.

He further criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for not forming a policy to provide loan waivers to the farmers.

“When farmers talk of loan waiving, PM Modi and (the) Finance Minister say it isn’t their policy”, he added.
But sadly the statement backfired at him, his own statement lead him to trolls from the public. He was supposed to say the term, written off but told waived off. The Congress President had to pay a huge cost that one appropriate word.

Banks have not waived off corporate loans, they have written off, meaning they will recover it.

From someone who doesn’t understand difference b/w bhrastachaar & balatkaar, it is unfair to expect understanding of difference between loan waiver & loan write off.

Earlier on March 17, a group of farmers, along with a farmer’s body Kali Aai Mukti Sangram, staged a protest at Ahmednagar’s Khandala village to reclaim their land, which they alleged was acquired by the absconder Nirav Modi at undervalued rates.

They claimed that Nirav Modi had acquired land of the farmers by conning them. He was given crores by the bank, but farmers are not given more than Rs 10,000. Rahul Gandhi was on a visit to Udupi district in Karnataka, where he also visited the Narayan Guru Temple situated in the district.

Absolutely, Nirav Modi, Choksi and Mallya many others have not fled but on vacation. Congress passed bill without discussion to legalise foreign funding of parties!!

Rahul Gandhi, who gave loans to those rich people, who met you & got a loan of 1400 crores the very next day, whom are you trying to fool. What about 12 lakh cr Corruption under UPA1 & UPA2. Since when is written off equal to recovery? Splendid so is this applicable for us, ordinary citizens, too ??? Please explain how we can default and then have out loans written off ?

When Bank writes-off your loan, it will no more charge interest on loan amount but will take over your house, auction it, if it is sold for more money than you owe to bank, it actually gives you back that extra money. You actually may gain money, but lose your house like Mallya.

If my friends from Congress & Left had attended College they would have known the difference between write-off & Waive off

In case of Write off … Banks seize the assets of defaulters Auction them off Recover the loan fully or partially

From someone who doesn’t understand difference b/w bhrastachaar & balatkaar, it is unfair to expect understanding of difference between loan waiver & loan write off. …. LOL ….Fit to be called Pappu