Soon after Supreme Court banned fire crackers on Deepawali, Twitter celebrities for the first time expressed their anger

Using Fire-crackers on Deepawali is banned!!! Is India still a secular nation?

When this news flashed on the TV channels, everyone got stunned. They couldn’t believe with eyes that this happening in their India, a secular India.

The day which every Hindu feared has finally arrived. Yes, the Supreme Court has banned the sale of fire crackers in Delhi and its neighbourhood till October 30th. Along with a judgement, it has given a reason to support its verdict. Supreme Court said that it want to assess the change in the climatic conditions. So once again, one of the grand festivals of Hinduism is made as a subject of experiment.

What haunts us is who will purchase the fire crackers after October 31st? So does the Supreme Court think that environmental pollution due to Deepawali alone that occurs once a year?

Once again Hindus have realised that there is no freedom to celebrate their most love festival. Soon after this verdict was passed, twitter celebrities for the first time came out to defend their religion. From celebrity author Chethan Bhagat to former cricketer Virender Sehwag decided to express their anger.

Beef causes severe climactic destruction, but why to target Deepawali?

• The streets were red due to the blood of animals during certain festivals, but the Supreme Court it essential to put ban on bursting of fire crackers.

• Thousands of poor women who worker in fire cracker manufacturing industry are now jobless. But why no outrage against this? When illegal cow slaughter house was banned, few cried out on streets saying many went jobless. A journalist even said that Tunday Kababs are no longer available.

• The court decides the height of the ‘Dhahi Handi’ celebration saying that it would be dangerous if height is further increased. But Muharram procession with arms was allowed that too with police protection in West Bengal.

• When singer-who had freedom of expression- said that Azaan was disturbing his sleep, the intellects pounced on him. But when the world’s oldest religion is curbed of celebrating Deepawali, none of these so called intellects are protesting against this.

Anger and grief was expressed all over the nation for this decision of Supreme Court. Popular author questioned the verdict of the court.

But look at the choice of words by this Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla. He stooped to a new low but the intellects will appreciate this cheap tweet as usual.

India’s former dashing over also came out to show his inconvenience with the decision.


Hansika Raj