Soon after the assembly elections, the Congress hijacked the plane of MLAs with a greed of forming a govt! But the BJP escaped from this conspiracy like elite commandos

Time and again Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has always proved that they are determined for carrying out any particular purpose no matter what comes in their way they will achieve it. No power can stop them. What is left for Congress and other BJP haters is only hue and cry. They keep on alleging and commenting but BJP believes in the power of work and does not pay any heed to them and slaps them always with the visible results.

This has been proved not once or twice but many times. Although BJP got less seats or more seats if they have to form the government in particular state they will anyhow deliver fair politics. Its current situation of forming a government in Meghalaya or the formation of government in Manipur and Goa last year. It’s the bad execution of Congress that even after winning seats as per electoral process they are not able to prove their mettle. It’s the same situation for Congress as someone is taking your special something in front of your eyes and you because of your incapabilities are so helpless that you can’t do anything except being a mere observer.

The problem with the Congress is they feel what they are doing is always right and the opposition is wrong. If they stand second, they have the right to form the government but when the same scenario confronts BJP and they try to execute that then it is wrong. Then they all start shouting like our corrupt politician former Finance Minister Mr P. Chidambram did after the Goa and Manipur elections. He tweeted “A party which comes second has no right to form the government. Bjp stealing elections in Goa and Manipur” and the same Congress party when in 2005 even after losing and coming at a second position in Jharkhand was itself forming the government then it was completely acceptable. Although BJP didn’t let them do that.

This reminds me of one very hilarious incident relating to 2005 Jharkhand Elections. This is just like a movie sequence that Congress has tried to implement to stop BJP from coming in power. But still, everything went in vain.

“The Hillarious Incident Of Jharkhand Election 2005 “

In 2005 assembly elections for 81 seats was held in Jharkhand. The BJP won maximum seats but still not the majority to form the government. It received the support of 5 other independent MLAs and reached to the majority and can now easily form the government. The NDA staked its claim to form the government. It had even paraded its 41 MLAs before the governor.

But then Jharkhand governor Syed Sibtey Razi did something that stunned everyone. He chose to invite opposition Soren’s Jharkhand Mukti Morcha to form the government, even though the party had submitted only a list of 36 MLAs.

The NDA now apprehended that Soren, once he became the chief minister, he would leave no stone unturned to lure away at least one, if not more, of the five Independent MLAs to ensure a majority for his government.

Also, before Soren could make a move, the NDA wanted to parade all its MLAs before President A P J Abdul Kalam to build pressure against the governor.

According to highly placed sources, a plan was drawn up and executed by party president Lal Kishenchand Advani, former president M Venkaiah Naidu, and spokesperson M A Naqvi to ensure that the JMM-Congress alliance did not get a chance to poach on the MLAs. So closely guarded was the secret operation that even Rajnath Singh, who was campaigning in Ranchi to oversee the NDA moves, was unaware of the plans till much later.

But here comes a twist in the story!

As BJP was ready to carry out their plan to visit Delhi along with MLAs, Security personnel in Ranchi stopped the aircraft in which the NDA MLAs were being flown to Delhi to look for the Independents. And were surprised to find them missing from the aircraft.

Congress thought it is too smart and by hook or by crook they will not let BJP form their government. But poor Congress, BJP is far more smarter than you and understands you and your tricks very well. BJP was knowing the intentions of Congress and they were well aware that Congress is monitoring their all moves. So do the BJP.

And BJP carried out its move so effectively that Congress even haven’t thought that much far. BJP spread the false news that all the 41 MLAs would fly to Delhi. But only the 36 NDA MLAs actually flew to Delhi. The BJP smuggled the five Independents while the 36 NDA MLAs flew to Delhi. But to ensure that no one got a smell of the plan, the BJP put 5 party activists, who acted as the Independent MLAs.

In Ranchi, the just-sworn-in Shibu Soren government, clearly panicking, ordered all the roads blocked in a desperate attempt to ensure that the five independent MLAs should not get out of the state. The police were searching all vehicles on the roads to the neighbouring states of Chhatisgarh in the west (ruled by a BJP government), and Orissa in the south (ruled by the NDA member Biju Janata Dal), convinced that the BJP would take the independent MLAs to a state under its control.

But, in a clever tactical move, the BJP, apparently on order from Naidu, ordered the five independent MLAs to drive east into neighbouring West Bengal. The five MLAs, in brand new cars to avoid detection by the state police that was hunting for them on the orders of a desperate Jharkhand government, drove towards Durgapur, crossing the border shortly after midnight.

The reason for taking the MLAs to West Bengal was because few would ever believe that the NDA supporters would go to a state ruled by the Left, which is even more rabidly anti-NDA than the Congress. The BJP, in their brand new cars with the newly elected MLAs, who are all very young and could hardly be recognised since they did not wear the traditional attire of an Indian politician- white kurta and churidar took the smaller roads into West Bengal, reaching Durgapur.

BJP as always has taken its move precisely and exceptionally. From there MLAs were boarded to Bhubneshwar and then to Delhi and were presented before the President of India.

As a result nine days later, Jharkhand Governor Sibtey Razi dismissed Shibu Soren from the post of Chief Minister and invited Arjun Munda to form the government in the state.

Now what to say for this poor party even after they apply any tactics they could not succeed. Because it is a corrupt party with corrupt leaders having bad intentions. They always believed in playing gimmicks and tactics, destroying the lives of many and looting the country. They always try to manipulate the things and have to face the defeat. As it is rightly said, sooner or later you have to pay for your Karmas as truth and purity win always !!!!

Source: http://www.rediff.com/election/2005/mar/03decoy.htm