This is the most spiritual place on earth with strongest energy field!!

Earth is a vibrant living entity that constantly engages with its inhabitants, the solar system and the universe. This feature makes it the only living planet in our solar system. Ancient civilizations revered Earth as a mother and recognized that there are ‘energy vortexes’ or ‘earth chakras’. These civilizations held the belief that earth materialized from a universal energy matrix whose structure is similar to that of the energy chakras on a human body. Therefore they often built megalithic structures over these chakras so that those who come to seek spiritual solace benefit from the energy emitted by these spots. There are several major and minor energy fields that keep interacting with each other to produce positive or negative energy. Depending on the kind of energy produced by a particular field, the experience of people visiting it also varies.

It has long been known that there are several energy fields on the earth. These are places where people are mostly likely to witness strange happenings and dreams. Not just the earth but humans are also believed to have an energy field of their own known as aura. Hinduism believes there are several chakras in the body and one needs to open these through meditation and other spiritual pursuits. Everyone has certain energies within him/her and needs to unlock them. Similarly there are several places on the earth which have ‘energies’ trapped within them. These places are the most apt for spiritual pursuits because of the high level of energy contained within their boundaries.

Spirituality is linked with energy fields as well and therefore, at times we feel the presence of ‘divine energy’ or ‘cosmic intelligence’ in some places. For seekers of spirituality such places could be the one which would solve several questions and doubts that arises in their minds. More often than not such high energy fields are ones that provide us with spiritual solace as well. Which then is the most spiritual place on earth, one that has the strongest energy field? If your answer was Tibet, then you need to rethink.

The distinction of being the most spiritual destination on the planet goes to Rila in Bulgaria.

The mountain ranges in general and area around Rila Lake in particular are believed to have the strongest energy fields. No wonder spiritual masters have been taken in by this destination and choose to transmit their wisdom here. Beinsa Duno, known to be the greatest spiritual master in the world, chose Rila to transfer knowledge to his followers. Location is as important as the lesson in spirituality because where energy is high it becomes easier for people to absorb the spiritual lessons being transmitted.

Besides the energy field, this place is also known for its scenic beauty. The area is home to snow capped peaks, lush meadows, serene blue lake, colourful flowers and trees that seem to touch the sky among other things. It is certainly the perfect destination not only for seekers of spiritual wisdom but also for nature lovers. Some things are better experienced than simply read. I’m sure no amount of words would be enough to describe the beauty and energy of this destination.

Latha Iyer