Sridevi never consumed alcohol other than wine but how there was alcohol content in her blood?

At first, cardiac arrest theory was floated. Later on, the news was out that Sridevi died due to drowning in the bathtub after consuming alcohol. Surprisingly, both the theories have fallen flat after the shocking statement made by Sridevi’s family friend Amar Singh.

Sridevi did not drink hard liquor, used to have wine sometimes! But how was alcohol content found in her blood?

“She did not drink hard liquor, used to have wine sometimes. I have talked to Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Al Nahyan, he assured me that all formalities and reports are complete. Her mortal remains should reach India by midnight”.

As far as I know, Sridevi never consumed hard liquor. I never saw her take hard drinks such as whiskey, tequila, brandy, bloody mary which makes you lose your control. Their family consumes wine and alcohol content in wine is very minimal.

This is what Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh had to say about Sridevi’s death.

WATCH!!! Sridevi never consumed hard liquor: Amar Singh

If whatever said by Amar Singh is believed to be true, then how was alcohol content traced in her blood? Even the Dubai Police didn’t say that it was an accidental death. So, the possibilities of a murder cannot be denied. The same suspicion was held up by Soumyadipta who said that the Dubai authorities have stressed that they have not included the word “accidental death” anywhere in their official statement. A doctor cannot confirm whether the death was an accident and hence the police hasn’t included the word ‘accident’.

Who was that one person who called Sridevi repeatedly before her death?

Media reported that specific phone call records of the 24-48 hour period prior to her death are being closely looked at by the investigating agencies. Repeated phone calls by one specific individual are said to be the main focus of the probe agencies. Who is this new entrant to the death case of Sridevi? Is he the key to all the answers? Only an unbiased probe will reveal these mysteries.

Sridevi’s mortal remains may not be released today. So her body might be released tomorrow. Investigations and paperwork are still underway. So the Dubai Police has not shut the case. Why haven’t they shut the case if it was an accidental death?

This makes the people to think that there is something fishy. Here is a series of question that further raises suspicions on the death of Sridevi.

  • Who found Sridevi in bath tub? Was it the hotel staff or Boney Kapoor? If Boney Kapoor was the one to see her dead first, then why he called hotel staff instead of a doctor? If she was drunk how did Boney Kapoor ask her for a dinner before 15 minutes?
  • Who spread the news that Sridevi died due to a cardiac arrest? Was it an attempt to cover up the death case?

For a minute, let us agree that Sridevi’s death occurred due drowning in the bath tub. But how can the doctors say that it was “accidental”? The Dubai authority needs to clarify on this.

  • I mean how can the Doctor or Medical Expert state that the drowning was accidental. They would just be able to state drowning or heart attack or etc.


Hansika Raj