St. Joseph school removes two students for applying Vibhuti on forehead!

Students are dismissed from a school for wearing vibhuti on their forehead! Isn’t that shocking! That too it has happened in India! To be more precise, it has happened in a place where Hindus go for pilgrimage! That is the place where it was believed that people of different religious communities live in harmony! But the students had to face the intolerance of a Christian school administration towards Hindu religious practices!

Rameshwaram is holy place for Hindus as it is the place where Lord Rama did his offerings for Lord Shiva before building the Rama sethu to Sri Lanka! It is from here he started his journey to Lanka in search of Seetha. The place has high religious and spiritual value for majority of population.

Recently in Rameshwaram, two Hindu students who are preparing for pilgrimage to Shabarimala wore vibhuti on their forehead, which is a part of rituals of preparation, and went to school. The school administration warned them for wearing it! However, daring students wore vibhuti the second day too. The intolerant school administrators took a harsh step on the students by suspending them. When the parents approached the administration, they said that the students lacked discipline and were involved in unacceptable activities!

So wearing vibhuti is an unacceptable activity! How ridiculous it is! If it had happened in some foreign land, then probably we can say they don’t know Hindu tradition and culture and that is why they are saying like that! But Christians in India are very well aware about Hindu traditions. But it is their arrogance and intolerance towards Hinduism that is motivating them to do such activities. This is nothing but Christian fanaticism.  They want to convert people from every other religion into Christianity. This must be seriously condemned.

On the other hand, there is a mistake of Hindus too. Why do they have to send their children to Christian schools? Don’t they have schools which promote Indian tradition and culture? Why they have to promote Christian schools to grow? Why can’t they simply abandon? If St Joseph school has 1000 students studying in it, then it must be having majority of the students from Hindus. That means we are becoming slaves of western and Christian mode of education leaving our great heritage of Indian education system. That is why, they are dictating the terms for majority of the people!

So, the job of Hindus do not limit to protesting against St. Joseph school for its decision to suspend the students. But their protest must come in the form of removing their children from the school. Unless and until parents become united with such decision, things won’t change and our culture would be sidelined.

Akshara Damle

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