State after state, elections after elections, do you know how BJP is winning everywhere?!

Year after year, state after state, people are wondering how BJP government is winning in every state. Karnataka was no different as BJP was out of power for past 5 years and Congress was in the driver’s seat in Karnataka as they could have done anything and everything to win the hearts of people. But they chose to go for appeasement politics and indulged in scams and corruption which made people completely distrust the Congress.

Endless corruptions, murders of Hindu activists, police officers and innocents which made the Congress unpopular among the people. The same trend has been happening to Congress since 2013 from when they started to lose every state. On the other hand, PM Modi after taking over as Prime Minister of India changed the discourse of the political future in India for good. The dynastic politics of Congress started to get rejected everywhere. PM Modi since 2014 has utilized every bit of time and energy to bring India back on track and made sure the objectives of his government does not deflect.

His major reform steps have literally changed India and are bringing new hope in people about development. His Ujjawala Yojana is something which has turned around the lives of poor, the rural electrification was a great success. The Mudra Yojana has given employment to over 3 crore people which itself is a game changer. And this is exactly why PM Modi is not losing support, but gaining each day.

A survey conducted on the performance says the same story. The survey said majority of Indians are particularly happy with Narendra Modi’s effort in improving India’s image globally, handling of Pakistan, fighting terrorism, infrastructure development and reducing tax harassment, a survey report by LocalCircles said. Around 28% citizens said the government has exceeded their expectations, which is a dramatic improvement when compared to 17% last year and 18% in 2016 (Financial Express Report).

Over 57% population said that PM Modi is on the right track and will fulfill his objectives before 2019. “The expectations from political establishments or the ruling party among citizens deteriorates very fast. This expectation percentage is similar to the approval ratings for US Presidents and while it is falling every year, it is still in high digits for the Modi government,” the survey report said. The survey studied 1,75,000 votes from approximately 62,000 citizens in 250 districts of India said the Survey Report.

The biggest gain for PM Modi is the enormous trust he has built in the minds of people that he will take India to bigger heights. Of course, there has been few hiccups in delivering few promises. But what helps PM Modi is the undeterred motivation and effort that he puts to take India forward. So, the biggest strength is the support of people who trust him completely. This is the sole region PM Modi’s words are taken very seriously and people have voted for BJP in every state.

And this trend is most likely to continue and PM Modi may go full swing against all corrupts and few unfinished objectives before he goes to people in 2019 which will give him edge over all other parties.

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