“Statue of Unity” becomes a Blockbuster! Makes a record collection of over Rs 19 Lakh in one day

The man who attracted 562 princely states soon after India got its Independence is now attracting visitors towards him and is minting lakhs everyday. Yes, within days after the “Statue of Unity” was unveiled by PM Modi, the statue of Sardar Patel has started to mesmerize the tourists throughout the world.

In the first two days of its inauguration, the Statue of Unity succeeded in attracting a total of 4,796 visitors and due to this the authorities collected a whopping amount of Rs 9.53 lakh via ticket collection. This is indeed splendid.

When we look into the day wise ticket break-up, on November 1st a total of 2737 visitors traveled to the statue and this collected an amount of Rs 5,46,050. And on the second day the collection was Rs 4,07,650 as the total number of visitors was 2,299.

But the collection on the 4th day exceeded everyone’s expectation. Yes, Sardar Patel’s statue posted a revenue of Rs 19,10,405 through ticket collection on Sunday (4 November) as the total visitors were 7,710.

Looking at this speed, the statue would would turn profitable by recovering its construction cost within a year. But few of the propaganda websites including the print started claiming that “we may need 120 years to break even”.

Dhruv Rathee even wrote an article on The Print titled “Even if Statue of Unity becomes as famous as Taj Mahal, we may need 120 years to break even”. But after the initial day collection, Dhruv Rathee (the serial faker) might have got a severe headache.

Just over a month before the inauguration, the Gujarat Tourism Minister Ganpat Vasava had said “We expect a lot of foreign tourists to witness the world’s tallest statue. The place also holds potential to be developed as eco-tourism site”.

Revealing on how this spot will be made into a tourist hub, Vasava said “We are setting up basic infrastructure right now on priority basis that will remain round the year for tourists. There will be different categories of tents besides musical fountains, water and adventure sports to name a few. We have also invited tenders from interested parties to run the tent city on PPP basis. The tourist packages that suit everyone will be worked out soon”.

That’s the power of Sardar Patel, the Iron man of India.

Hansika Raj