Stop Baloch atrocities: EU Proposes Sanctions Against Pakistan

India”™s efforts to bring to light Pakistan”™s brutal occupation of Balochistan has begun to show results. European Parliament vice president Ryszard Czarnecki has said that the EU may impose sanctions on Islamabad if human rights violations against Balochistan do not stop.

“I told the European Union during our human rights debate that if our partner countries do not accept human rights and standards, in this situation we should react and seek sanctions like some moves in economic fields,” Czarnecki told ANI.

Czarnecki joined a demonstration by protesters who condemned the atrocities Pakistan has been inflicting on the Baloch people and paid their respects to those who have lost their lives. Calling for strong action against Pakistan”™s role in Balochistan, Czarnecki said:

“We have bilateral economic and political relations with Pakistan and if it will not change its state policy towards Balochistan, then we would change our attitude towards Islamabad and towards the government of Pakistan.”

He called out Pakistan on the two-faced hypocrisy of a nation that can carry out such human rights violations and yet show a clean face to the world: “Pakistan has two faces. It is the open face to us and the other is the brutal face towards Balochistan,” he said.

Czarnecki also pointed to the fact that Pakistan”™s government is powerless and a puppet of the  army, and that the world must recognise this when reacting to the situation. He reiterated the need for all 28 members of the European Union to show their solidarity for the Baloch people.

With the EU making a clear call for condemning Pakistan, the pressure is on other nations in the developed world to truly walk the talk on terror. Terrorism is a threat that the West is facing as much as India. Now is the time every nation must ask itself “” will they sit silent as PM of a terror exporting nation hails a terrorist in his UN address? The global community need not wait for more attacks, more needless lives to be lost, to realise what Czarnecki said- it is not the time for words, but for actions.

Arushi Bahuguna ( @arushib93 )