Stop crediting Nehru! DRDO Chairman says “A-SAT missile project began two years ago, went into mission mode in last six months”

On 27th March, India became the fourth nation after the US, Russia and China to attain the capability to launch missiles to destroy satellites in low-Earth orbit. PM Narendra Modi had announced that the successful test-launch of the anti-satellite (ASAT) missile and destruction of the target was achieved by the Indian scientists.

As expected, Rahul Gandhi mocked this achievement saying “I would also like to wish the PM a very happy World Theatre Day”. Soon his followers started claiming that the credit for this historic achievement goes to Nehru.

Noted Modi-hater and serial liar Prashant Bhushan said “ISRO, DRDO and HAL set up by Nehru in the 50s to make India self-reliant in Space, Aircraft and Defence technology. The anti-satellite missile was developed&ready in 2012. Modi snatched Rafale deal from HAL for Ambani. Gave up TOT and self-reliance. Now claims electoral credit for DRDO test”.

But the fact is that HAL was established in 1940, when India was under British. ISRO was established in 1969 but Nehru died in 1964. Yet, the pseudo intellectuals didn’t stop spreading fake news.

Finally, to bust this narrative, DRDO Chairman Dr. G Satheesh Reddy stepped in and said that the A-SAT missile project began two years ago, went into mission mode in last six months. DRDO Chairman added “In the last 6 months when the A-SAT missile programme entered “mission mode” level, about 100 scientists worked round-the-clock to reach the intended launch date target that was set”.

He went on to praise PM Modi and NSA Ajit Doval for lending full support in this operation by saying “The NSA (Ajit Doval) whom we report to on strategic matters gave the direction to go ahead with the test and he had the concurrence from the Prime Minister. The development started a few years back and we went into mission mode in the last 6 months”.

After the success of Mission Shakti was announced, Former DRDO Chief Dr VK Saraswat said that when the Congress led UPA was ruling India, similar plan was proposed but they didn’t get any positive response. He added, “If the clearances were given in 2012-13, I’m quite certain that the launch would have happened in 2014-15”.

Hansika Raj


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