What is Stopping the Government of India From Taking Action Against NDTV ???

Again libtards n #NDTV has succeeded in their mission of creating rift within “BHAKTS” on ban hold issue .
 What law says ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act of 1995
Rule 4 (7) states: The Central Government may suspend or revoke the registration granted under sub-section (5) if the cable operator violates one or more of the terms and conditions of such registration:
Provided that no such order of suspension or revocation shall be made without giving a reasonable opportunity of being heard to the cable operator.
Why was 30 days ban changed into 1 day token ban???
 The Inter Ministerial Committee(IMC) said that while they could suspend the NDTV license for 30 days, there are doing so only for 1 day.  I&B ministry informed the IMC, that rule 6(1) p which was violated by NDTV India was newly introduced in June 2015. The IMC then opined that perhaps news channels weren’t sensitized about the rule change, and since this was the first instance of violation by any channel of this new rule, the penalty of 30 days seemed harsh. Hence, they settled for a token one-day penalty. The IMC noted that this one day token penalty cut was recommended to ensure that NDTV India does not get away completely for this “huge indiscretion and violation of rules” and also its “unrepentant behavior”.
So stop chest thumping  on why 30 days ban was changed into 1 day ban and why Govt after issuing notification for 1 day ban was kept in HOLD [yes you read it right, its on hold till channel files reply as per Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act of 1995, Rule 4 (7)]
This move by the government has created massive outrage on all social media with people demanding an answer from the government. All people who believed that NDTV should be punished for their irresponsible behaviour and arrogance are now shocked to see the decision of the government.

Anil Matto