This story of Kerala Talibanism will give you a rude shock!

The state which was once known for its rich culture, heritage and beauty today has become demon’s land. The place where the great saint Adi Shankacharya and world famous King like Raja Ravi Varma took birth was known for its beautiful history and traditions.

But today, most people fear to even visit Kerala which has become hell for Hindus. Infact surviving as a Hindu in Kerala has almost become impossible. The CPI-M (Marxist) party has turned out to be a threat for people and especially Hindus. Over 20 people have been killed in the past one year by CPM members. The ministers including the Chief Minister has been openly threatening Hindus and proudly revealed their involvement in numerous murderers.

The recent incident of how a Hindu girl Akhila was kidnapped and forcibly converted into Islam sent tremors in the minds of people of Kerala. The Kerala High court judge was also not spared and the Islamic fundamentalists targeted and threatened him for giving the verdict in favour of the Hindu girl.

It all started when a Hindu girl called Akhila, daughter of Asokan was kidnapped by a Muslim lady called Zainaba from a medical college where Akhila was previously a student. Zainaba is said to be a ISIS agent working in Kerala who recruits Hindu girls and push them into conversion. These girls are later sent to Syria and Afghanistan as suicide bombers. This has been going on for very long where Muslim boys target Hindu girls and become their boyfriends. Later they are converted to Islam and sent to different countries for helping their ISIS agents. The boys are paid heavily by many terror organizations. For one conversion the boys get around Rs 20,000-30,000/-.

Similarly, Zainaba made friendship with Akhila and took her to Sathya Sarani in Manjeri, a centre of religious conversion. The PGurus, which spoke to Akhila’s father said that Zainaba had made Akhila a drug addict. This was followed by indoctrination and Akhila was taken to Manjeri in Malappuram district for complete conversion to Islam. When Asokan pleaded with his daughter to come back , she demanded that they too get converted to Islam. Zainaba was planning to send Akhila to Syria as an IS activist to attend to the needs of the Malayali IS activists fighting there, said her father.

Asokan finding no other means, approached Kerala High Court in January 2016 with a habeas corpus petition. The legal battle continued for one year. Many Islamic organization prevented the hearing and tried all tricks to stop the case. But the judge who was apprehensive about the Islamic organization, issued a thorough investigation into the matter. But the Dy Superintendent of Police who himself was Islamist gave claen chit to the Muslim organization. Meantime, Akhila was made to marry a Muslim man and they applied for a marriage registration certificate to the village panchayath council.

Asokan, again pleaded the court with a fresh petition seeking cancellation of marriage, after which the court ordered the Village panchayat not to issue marriage certificate before the case was concluded. Finally on May 24 2017, the High court gave the judgement in which it pronounced Akhila’s marriage as null and void.

But what happened next will shock everyone.

The Islamist organisation Muslim Ekopana Samiti (Malayalam for Muslim Liaison Committee and Popular Front of India (banned terror organization) which have links with ISIS and LeT, came together and threatened the two judges K Surendra Mohan and Abraham Mathew who gave Akhila’s verdict.

A massive protest was held in Kochi, where large number of Islamic groups threatened the judges saying the judgement was against the Sharia laws and gave a call for punishing the judges. Abdul Razack Moulavi and V K Showkat Ali, two Islamic extremists who are also Human Rights Activists called for impeachment of judges and warned them for going against Sharia laws.

They said judge K Surendra Mohan was a RSS/BJP man, but in reality he is a Christian and has no links with any organization. Islamists called for total bandh on May 30th in Ernakulam city. They tried to attack the judges entering the court, but when the police tried to stop them, they even attacked the police in which many officers were grievously injured. The police could not take any action and remained mute to the situation.

Image result for ernakulam strike by muslims

Image result for ernakulam strike by muslims

According to Pgurus: “The police had been told by the chief minister’s office not to take any action against Islamists,” said a senior police official.”

Until now, the Indian courts and judges were never threatened by any anyone. But the way the Islamists have threatened judges shows that Kerala is being completely converted to a Taliban state. They are now questioning democracy and the constitution of India. They even want Sharia laws to be implemented in Kerala. It is all happening only because the CPM has given free hand to these criminals who have now become the biggest threat to the country.

God save Kerala!

Credit and source: PGurus.com

Aishwarya S